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Gear Scout: Flexitank

Water. It is arguably the single most important item you can bring for your health and safety on a trip. It regulates your body temperature, lubricates your joints, and cleanses impurities from your system, yet for some reason it is often under-packed or overlooked when planning for an off-road excursion. The fact is that water…


La Aduana: 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45

If you love classic Toyotas, this truck will probably make you green with envy. It’s a low mile rig that’s in such great shape we decided it deserved some time in the lime¬†light…

Okay I’ll spare you from anymore bad puns; you get it, the truck is green… very green. But setting atrocious colors aside; this 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser is in fantastic shape. It’s a HJ45 Troop Carrier, which features a 6-cylinder diesel engine and a heck of a lot of cargo capacity in the rear. Unlike most of the “troopies” you see on the market today that came from Australia, this truck was sold in South America, which means you’ll be one of the few people with a left hand drive Troop Carrier.


La Aduana: 1952 Dodge Power Wagon

So I will admit, it probably isn’t the best choice for an expedition vehicle, but this is a seriously tough, and not to mention cool truck. It’s a 1950s Dodge Power wagon that has been “maintained and updated but never restored” and is in overall fantastic shape. Powered by its original 236 cubic inch 6…