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How to properly align your lights

There’s a reason that auxiliary lights are used on expedition vehicles around the world, and it isn’t because they look cool. Well, not entirely at least. A high quality set of lights allows drivers to see obstacles and animals ahead of them before they become a problem, and that can be the difference between a safe…

What’s in your winch bag? The basic gear you should be carrying

The other day I ran into the proud owner of a well-built four-wheel drive. Eager to talk shop, he began to list a few of the numerous pieces of equipment he had installed on his new vehicle. The list included 37-inch tires, aftermarket wheels, a 4-inch lift, lights, a roof rack, a front bumper, and…

Overlanding Skills: How to Pitch a Tent

Although every tent is slightly different, there are some common techniques for properly pitching a modern portable shelter. Do it poorly and you risk damaging the tent itself, or enduring a less than comfortable night’s sleep. I travel with people with extensive backcountry experience, yet see them making basic mistakes all too often. Most people would…