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What’s in your winch bag? The basic gear you should be carrying

The other day I ran into the proud owner of a well-built four-wheel drive. Eager to talk shop, he began to list a few of the numerous pieces of equipment he had installed on his new vehicle. The list included 37-inch tires, aftermarket wheels, a 4-inch lift, lights, a roof rack, a front bumper, and…

Overlanding Skills: How to Pitch a Tent

Although every tent is slightly different, there are some common techniques for properly pitching a modern portable shelter. Do it poorly and you risk damaging the tent itself, or enduring a less than comfortable night’s sleep. I travel with people with extensive backcountry experience, yet see them making basic mistakes all too often. Most people would…

Five Off-Road Driving Basics for the New Overlander

Driving any vehicle onto unimproved roads is not something to take lightly. Many variables, seen and unforeseen, can conspire to stymy forward progress or damage vehicles and the occupants within. While there are an endless number of techniques and skills to be learned, much of it only through hands-on time behind the wheel, there are a few general...