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royal enfield 2020-1

Overland Classifieds :: 2020 Royal Enfield Interceptor

This classic-looking 2020 Royal Enfield Interceptor needs a new owner who’ll appreciate what this highly customizable bike can become. Is this you? The Interceptor is from a batch of 10 units produced by Moto Classic House for Royal Enfield in Latvia. Although costlier than the standard models out there—even used—the 650cc, scrambler-esque bike appears justified…

Overland Classifieds::2011 LX 570 Locked on 37s

If you have listened to our podcasts and read some of our articles over the last 15 years, you know that we typically prefer to keep our overland vehicles as close to stock as possible, especially the mechanical components. Several vehicles nowadays are terrific to use off-road straight out of the sales lot and really…

Expedition Portal Classifieds :: F450 Overland Explorer Camper

Expedition Portal reader Howard put years into designing this custom F450 flatbed build with an Overland Explorer cabin. His needs were fairly straightforward: a 4-season camper with off-highway chops. But he made additional smart improvements like a diesel cooktop, water heater, and furnace—all three of which draw their fuel from the vehicle’s primary tank. A…

Expedition Portal Classifieds :: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

If you’ve been on the lookout for a low-mileage EarthCruiser, this 2019 FX only has 18,000 miles on its Mitsubishi Fuso FG chassis. The FX comes in roughly halfway between a van and a full-sized truck, making it comfortable and nimble. Its 3-liter Fiat diesel engine strikes a happy balance between durability, economy, and serviceability….

Overland Classifieds :: 1995 LWB Range Rover Classic

This Range Rover Classic hits close to home, as it is a vehicle that I owned for several years and sold back to the same traveler I purchased it from (Andy Biggs).  Andy spent a few years refurbishing the Range Rover to its current condition, which included significant body and frame restoration. Here are the…