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Water Treatment Solutions: The Mother of all Reviews

All travelers understand the importance of clean drinking water, but too few know how to best select the proper water treatment system for their individual needs. It is an understandable conundrum as there are seemingly endless options for filters, purifiers, and chemical solutions. Over the span of the last two years, I set out to evaluate…

American Overlander: Gerber Center-Drive with Bit Set

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’ve become somewhat of a multi-tool nerd. I think it started while evaluating tools for an extensive review for the Fall 2016 issue of Overland Journal. In that roundup I tested Gerber’s Multi-Plier 600 Basic and was impressed with its ease of use, thoughtful selection of functions, and…

Touratech Unveils Enduro Bike Concept Called the R1200GS Rambler

There has been a lot of buzz as of late around new motorcycles and hot concepts. Most of the latter are interesting enough, but none of them are quite as tapped into the adventure vibe as Touratech’s project built around a water-cooled BMW R1200 engine and chassis. It’s a beautiful machine sure to resonate with many a dirt-crazed big…