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Off-road Training for a Post-Round-the-World Rider—What I Wish I Knew Before I Left

I’ll admit that after 708 days riding around the world, my first thought was, what could I possibly learn in a Level 1 off-road course? I’d spent two years swerving around stray dogs and potholes, hopping my fully loaded F 800 GS up mountain roads, and throttling through countless creek crossings—what would weaving between orange…

ACR Electronics Bivy Stick Satellite Communication Device and App

If you’re someone who enjoys venturing into the backcountry, then your safety should be a primary consideration, and the ability to share your location and alert emergency services in the event of an accident is crucial. In the past, I’ve been a fan of SPOT Satellite Communication Devices (generally alongside a second “burner” mobile phone,…

motorcycle hydration packs

Seven Hydration Packs for Summer Riding

Hydration is crucial to the human body. We all know what it feels like to be parched after a long day in the sun exerting ourselves, and it’s not a feeling we can ignore. Maybe some of you, like me, have even suffered heat exhaustion or heat stroke—a life-threatening situation that can be avoided by…

backcountry discovery routes adventure travel

10 Years, 10 Routes, 10,000+ Miles—A Decade Anniversary for Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR)

Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) are one of the best ways to adventure-road trip around the U.S. And what better way to celebrate Motorcycle Awareness month and National Road Trip day (May 28) than with the 10-year anniversary of BDR—an organization that literally defined the phrase “adventure riding.” What is BDR? Using double-track, forest service, and…

Overland News of the Week

Trestle Aeropress K-cup Adapter Let me ask you a question: are you really an overlander if you haven’t added aftermarket parts to your Aeropress? The Trestle Aeropress K-cup adaptor allows you to utilize K-cup coffee pods with your trusty coffee syringe. Advantages? Well, to start, K-cups are pre-portioned and pre-ground which makes measuring or adjusting…

Long Way Up Review

It’s been a long year for most of us. With a global pandemic and the social unrest the world has faced, anything to get my mind off of the global problems was a welcome sight. In 2004 and 2007, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman released two of the greatest series on motorcycle and adventure travel…

Honda CX500 Cafe Racer front

Rescue Build on 1983 Honda CX500 Café Racer

When Tom Gilroy, founder of Gold Coast, Australia’s, Purpose Built Moto, took on a rescue build for a Honda CX500, he inherited a challenge. The bike came to him through a customer who’d had a bad experience with a former custom motorcycle designer, and the dream build didn’t turn out how the customer had imagined….

motorcycle hitch mount

Five Lightweight Motorcycle Options for Vehicle Hitch-mounts

There are many reasons why riders might want to transport a motorcycle by vehicle: maybe you need to take your bike to the dealer for repairs or want to get from A to B without riding hours on the interstate. For example, if you live in Washington and want to ride the Colorado BDR, you’re…

carrying extra fuel on motorcycle

10 Solutions for Carrying Extra Fuel on Motorcycles and Off-road Vehicles

Updated April 28, 2021. Many overlanders have a conundrum—how to carry extra fuel for those far-from-it-all excursions we all dream about. Carrying gas or diesel safely is even more of an issue: gone are the good old days of filling up plastic Coke bottles and strapping them to your overland rig or ADV ride. Even…

never ride alone film

Video of the Week: Never Ride Alone

There are few humans out there willing to endure physical hardship like Scott Englund in Never Ride Alone. But watching this film, I understood him; I understand the desire to attain something everyone else thinks is crazy—a goal that takes up so much space in your brain there is no longer room for reason, so…

overland news of the week

Overland News of the Week

Osprey Talon Pro 30 The comfort of Osprey’s backpacks is well known amongst outdoor enthusiasts, and their new Talon Pro 30 brings that comfort to the world of ultralight backpacking. A lightweight wire frame and injection-molded framesheet provide support for this 30-liter pack. Osprey lists a recommended maximum payload of 15-25 pounds for comfortable carying….

horizons unlimited HUMM 2021

Horizons Unlimited HUMM Event and Travellers Meeting, 2021

Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness (HUMM) Cascades 2021 Event Described as “the best 48 hours of my life” by one participant (who later had to apologize to his wife for saying that), Horizons Unlimted’s HUMM event is essentially a make-your-own-adventure, off-road scavenger hunt. Riders form teams of two or four and spend two days chasing tags through…