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Field Tested: Solo Stove Bonfire

Several times a year I’m contacted by an upstart company asking if I can help promote their Kickstarter campaign. My canned answer, delivered sometimes abruptly, is always––no thanks. I’ve learned my lesson featuring projects which not only failed to achieve their fundraising goals, but effectively robbed people of their hard won cash. That doesn’t mean…

Buyer’s Guide: Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

The roof top tent has become an omni-present fixture 0f the overlanding world. As such, we have published dozens of reviews and op-eds espousing the benefits of truck-top sleeping as well as comparative thoughts on soft-sided tents versus their hard shelled counterparts. Without rehashing that debate yet again, let’s dive into the reasons why any overlander would…

Thirst for Adventure

Adventure is a thirsty business, so whether you’re making an early drive from camp with a hot cup of coffee, or passing around some craft whiskey by the fire, it’s best to have the right container for the job. Buy the wrong one, and you might end up with a leaking mess all over your car or yourself….