e-Bike Buyers Guide

The electric bike, or e-bike as it is commonly called, is a relatively new concept for most consumers; however, a rudimentary design of the electric bike was first patented as early as 1895 by American inventor Ogden Bolton Jr. For many years, there were several attempts to market the electric bike, but only in the late 1990s did it become commercially available. In the last four years, the progression of technology in electric bicycles and lithium batteries has made it more accessible to the average consumer, helping competitors to drive down prices, and making it reasonably priced for everyday folk to own an e-bike.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing an e-bike. The first question you have to ask yourself is, what will be the primary use of my e-bike? Will you be taking it outdoors for leisurely rides on trails and beaches? Or will you use it as a road bike, an alternative to driving your overland rig through tight roads or avenues? Perhaps you are a keen mountain biker looking to bunny hop over a berm, or maybe you’re just looking for something compact that you can quickly use to pop out to the shops. For many years, we carried two adult-sized bicycles atop our rooftop tent, primarily for the kids’ enjoyment. Still, they served a purpose when needing to take a quick ride into town when camped long-term in a remote spot, but with the kids “out the house” and more room for activities (e-bike), we are looking forward to testing out one of these units. Whatever your interest, we’ve provided you with some terms, critical components of e-bikes, and a few purchase options. Let’s kick-start this guide.

Styles of e-bikes included

All-terrain e-bikes are highly versatile and popular due to their ability to navigate narrow city streets, steep mountainous descents, or rocky and rugged trails. Most all-terrain e-bikes can be customized and retrofitted with various accessories to cater to your specific needs.

Fat tire e-bikes have bulky frames with larger tires. The extra volume of the tire and the ability to air down to very low pressures enhances traction and stability, making them ideal for off-road adventures, whether through sand, mud, or snow.

Mountain or off-road e-bikes have sturdier and bulkier frames, larger tires, and tailored suspensions and forks for trail rides and rougher terrain. The electric motor on this design allows you to have all the fun without sweating it too much.

Folding e-bikes are great for city dwellers with limited living space or overlanders looking for a second mode of transport without the hassle of a bike rack and the use of additional space. Most folding e-bikes were limited to more urban and softer terrain, but some are now equipped with fat tires and adjustable suspension, making them perfect for all-terrain riding.

Electric propulsion systems

There are three different types of electric propulsion systems:

Class 1 – Pedal Assist: The motor only assists when pedaling and propelling the bike without throttle control to get the bike in motion. The motor switches off once you reach 20 mph.

Class 2 – Pedal Assist with Throttle Control: A motor is controlled by a throttle, which assists in propelling the bike, with the option of pedaling as well. The motor switches off once you reach 20 mph.

Class 3 – Pedal Assist: This preferred propulsion system is equipped only with pedal assist and no throttle, but achieves higher speeds than Class 1, reaching up to 28 mph.

Motor positioning

Mid-drive or center-drive motors are the most expensive to manufacture but are usually more efficient as there is a better center of gravity, and they respond quicker when pedaling and accelerating as they are positioned at the pedals.

Hub motors or rear-wheel drive are easier to install and manufacture, but because the motor sends pedal power straight to the rear wheel, it does mean it will require more maintenance (depending on the use, design, and quality of motor).

Front and rear drive motors provide you with a 2WD system with enhanced stability, traction, and the ability to control your bike in more extreme terrains. With torque distributed to both the front and rear, the e-bike has more capacity for quicker acceleration and riding steep inclines.

Torque and Cadence Sensors

Pedal assist systems have two sensors: torque and cadence. Torque sensors measure the force behind your pedal stroke, while cadence sensors track the number of pedal rotations per minute. Torque sensors are more expensive but consume less battery power. Casual riders who won’t be tackling any rugged terrain should consider the more affordable cadence sensor.

Battery Power and Range

Maintaining battery power and extending your range is one of the most important considerations when purchasing an e-bike. The weight of your bike and cargo, as well as the terrain you are riding, will affect your range and battery power. If you’re riding trails for a few hours, you should consider a bike with more capacity than someone riding around a city sightseeing.

Consider whether your battery pack is removable. If not, you may have to move your bike around to find a suitable charging port.

Laws and regulations

Most US states recognize all three classes of e-bikes as pedal bikes but may impose laws for allowable top speed and require a license to operate the motorcycle on certain roads. It may be in your best interest to contact your local, state, and federal agency and to keep up to date with Public Law 107-319 under the Consumer Product Safety Act to ensure that you are compliant with their policy regarding riding on backcountry trails, OHV trails and other public roads. The current law states,

the term ‘low-speed electric bicycle’ means a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts (1 horsepower), whose maximum speed on a paved level surface, when powered solely by such a motor while ridden by an operator who weighs 170 pounds, is less than 20 mph.”

All-Terrain e-Bikes

Volcon Brat

The retro-styling of the Volcon Brat reminds us of the Yamaha XT 250, with its sleek profile and a blend of aesthetics from a 1900s minibike. Its clean and refined lines make me want to strap on a Bell Classic 3/4 helmet and hit the open road.

As an all-terrain bike, the Brat is built on the Volcon Exo-Arch frame and can tackle 4 inches of water, grapple with mud, or effortlessly navigate the cobbled streets of a quaint Mexican town.

The “gas tank” cleverly houses a storage area equipped with a USB charger for a mobile device. The dashboard’s LED display provides information such as current speed, average and max speed, trip distance, and battery health.

Make it cooler: The Brat has several customizable options, from decal kits to gum wall tires and adjustable shocks.


Motor: 750 watts Battery: 48-volt, 15.6 amp-hour removable battery, and 6-7 hours charging time
Weight: 86 pounds Range: 70+ miles in mode 1 (30+ miles in modes 2-4)
Ride modes: Urban, cruising, boost, and trail Suspension: Inverted telescoping adjustable forks and rear mono-shock
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes Top speed: 28+ mph
Tires: 20 x 4-inch tubed low rolling resistance mixed-use hybrid tires Accessories: 4-inch LED color display, Bluetooth connected and controlled via DPad, and LED headlights and tail/brake lights

$2,400 |

QuietKat Lynx

The QuietKat Lynx is designed in a cafe-moto style complemented by a comfortable leather stitched saddle.

The robust frame is constructed of alloy and supports a load capacity of 300 pounds. The ultra-bright Halo headlight, with multiple brightness modes and a rear brake light, ensures optimal visibility in any condition.

One standout feature is the QuietKat app, which offers remote lock and unlock, ride tracking, navigation, GPS monitoring, motor cut-off control, and maintenance reminders. It also allows you to switch between Classes one and three, adapting your riding style to fit your surroundings.

If you’re interested in testing out an e-bike, QuietKat offers a 15-day or 10-mile, risk-free test ride policy.

Make it cooler: Three kits can be purchased at an additional cost: the Overlanding Kit with all-terrain game trailer, portable e-bike solar charging station, and more; the Adventure Kit with all-terrain cargo trailer, 50-liter cargo cooler, and more; and the Commuter Kit with Bell Nomad Mips2 Helmet and more.


Motor: 1,000-watt automatic two-speed hub-drive Battery: 48-volt, 20 amp-hour removable battery and 6-7 hours charging time
Weight: 100 pounds Range: 60+ miles (depending on the mode)
Ride modes: Eco, trail, and boost Suspension: KKE inverted mechanical coil fork and rear coil shock
Brakes: Gemma 2 piston hydraulic Top speed: 28+ mph
Tires: 24 x 4.5-inch moto-style Accessories: Integrated cargo rack

$3,000 |

Sur-Ron X – Light Bee

The Sur-Ron X gives off gnarly scrambler vibes with a touch of funk, and it even looks like it could pop a wheelie, albeit quietly.

This full-throttle e-bike, with an alloy sand-cast frame weighing less than 10 pounds, is a favorite among trail and off-road riders. Crafted with high-quality engineering and featuring an adjustable full suspension, the Sur-Ron allows you to tailor your ride to any terrain, ensuring a smooth ride over rugged trails.

Additionally, you have the option to upgrade the standard Panasonic 34 amp-hour battery to a Samsung 38 amp-hour battery, ensuring more extended range for your adventures.

Although the Sur-Ron features a smaller frame and a 220-pound weight limit, taller handlebars can be installed for riders over 6 feet tall.


Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous, mid-mounted Battery: 60-volt, 32amp-hour removable battery and 4 hours charging time
Weight: 103 pounds Range: up to 30 miles
Ride modes: Eco and Sport Suspension: Front, inverted suspension; rear, DNM TR suspension link system
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes Top speed: 28+ mph
Tires: 19 x 1.4-inch spoke wheels with alloy hubs with 70/100-18 CST Accessories: LCD dash and USB charger

$4,400 |

UBCO – 2×2 SE

This bike reminds me of what a dispatch rider in WWII would use, except instead of a 250cc Triumph or Royal Enfield, it’s a UBCO 2×2 electric bike.

The New Zealand step-through-designed Utility Bike Company (UBCO) e-bike is made with 7020 alloy. It is said to be a nifty and remarkably quick 2WD e-bike capable of easily exceeding its 30 mph speed limit (if it wasn’t capped).

Weighing in at 156 pounds, it is a heavy bike, but its whopping 330-pound load capacity means it can be loaded up with all your camping or hunting gear without an issue by utilizing the 17 built-in tie-down points on the bike.

The LED dashboard displays the time, speed, battery level, and motor temperature. Riding at night will be no problem with its bright LED lights, horn, turn signals, and side mirrors. In fact, the multi-use street and off-road tires, along with a license plate platform, might even help you legally register it.

Make it cooler: The UBCO can be outfitted with a range of additional accessories, including a bow/gun rack, MOLLE panels, pannier frames, a 2×2 lever guard set, a pannier backpack, mirrors, and a comprehensive selection of packs making it easy for you to personalize your ride.


Motor: 1-kilowatt motor in each wheel “all-wheel drive” Battery: 50-volt removable battery and 4-6 hours charging time
Weight: 155 pounds Range: 75 miles max (depending on riding mode)
Ride modes: Eco to Boost Suspension: Front and rear preload and rebound adjustment suspension
Brakes: Hydraulic and regenerative disc brakes Top speed: 30 mph
Tires: 17 x 2.75-inch multi-use tires Accessories: Peak Design phone mount, 12-liter center carry-all, and 30-liter rear carry case with Giant Loop Pronghorn straps

$7,000 |
UBCO – 2×2 SE

Fat Tire/Off-Road e-Bikes

Juiced RipCurrent Base

The RipCurrent may have the typical look of an e-bike but has a long list of features that, for the price, are hard to beat.

Available in two sizes, medium at 16.5 inches or large at 18 inches, it features an adjustable seat, making it more comfortable for riders over 6 feet tall. Although it may be lightweight, with a frame weighing only 70 pounds (with the battery), it has a weight capacity of 275 pounds.

We love that it has both torque and cadence pedal sensors, allowing seamless transitions between pedaling and coasting on its nine-speed cassette transmission. Switching between speeds is a breeze with the thumb throttle within easy reach.

When choosing your ride modes, Juiced Bikes went one step further to make the user experience more enjoyable. Choose between eco mode, with speeds one through three, sport, and race mode. Two additional modes are featured: cruise control, which maintains speeds between 9 and 20 mph, and walk mode, which propels the bike forward and is limited (thankfully) to 4 mph.

Make it cooler: A steel rear rack, pannier bag, and rechargeable LED light converts the Juiced into an easy rider.


Motor: 750-watt rear hub motor Battery: 52-volt, 15.6 amp-hour removable battery and 4-6 hours charging time
Weight: 70 pounds Range: 45+ miles
Ride modes: Eco, Sport, and Off-road Suspension: Coil suspension
Brakes: Hydraulic disc Top speed: 28 mph
Tires: 26 x 4-inch all-terrain tires Accessories: Advanced LCD display

$1,700 |

Ariel Rider Kepler

Rider Kepler is a high-performance e-bike boasting a powerful 1,800-watt motor, with the bike being able to attain speeds of up to 32 mph. Due to its large battery size, the bike is bulkier than other streamlined fat-tire/all-terrain bikes. However, the Kepler remains relatively lightweight at 73 pounds, boasts a cargo capacity of 300 pounds, and features an aluminum rear rack (with LED lights, turn signals, and brake light), providing more real estate for baggage. This e-bike is said to be a little rocket on the road.

Five pedal-assist modes are available and are quite effective at higher levels. With the seven-speed Shimano Altus gearing system, you can expect a versatile riding experience similar to a road or mountain bike, depending on the selected gear.

The Kepler is equipped with a simple yet functional LCD display, front and rear LED lights, adjustable handlebars, and front and rear fenders. It also offers the option of purchasing a step-over or step-through design.

Make it cooler: The pannier bag and rearview mirror set is a versatile addition to any cyclist’s gear, offering both storage and safety features.

Motor: 1,000-watt Bafang rear hub motor Battery: 52-volt, 20 amp-hour removable battery and 4-6 hours charging time
Weight: 73 pounds Range: 75+ miles
Ride modes: Five pedal assist modes Suspension: Front 80mm fork with preload and lockout
Brakes: Hydraulic Tektro HD-E 350 Top speed: 32+ mph
Tires: 26 x 4-inch CST, puncture-resistant Accessories: Headlights, rear lights with Bluetooth LED display with USB charging port

2,100 | arielrider.com

Ride1Up Revv1

The Ride1Up Revv1 embodies our vision of a fat tire e-bike—moto-inspired, sleek in design, and reminiscent of the Batmobile with its 4-inch tires.

The Revv1 is a class 2 e-bike built on a durable alloy frame, equipped with a headlight and brake light with an LCD display. The Revv1 multi-class speed system allows you to seamlessly switch between classes 2 and 3 and off-road (for private property only) for various riding conditions.

While the Revv1 may be on the heavier side, its impressive weight capacity of 350 pounds enables you to carry heavy cargo or an additional passenger.

Make it cooler: The e-bike features a center storage cage designed for an extra battery or cargo. It also includes a passenger kit that includes a padded seat extension, rear handle, rear light extension cable, and foot pegs. Additionally, the utility rack and handle are also included along with a solar charger when camping or overlanding.


Motor: 750-watt Bafang geared hub motor Battery: 52-volt, 20 amp-hour removable battery and 4-6 hours charging time
Weight: 93 pounds Range: 30-60 miles (depending on mode)
Ride modes: Class 2 and 3; Off-road, Boost Suspension: DNM AOY-38RC, rebound, air pressure adjust, and lock-out
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes w/ electric cut-off sensor Top speed: 20+ mph
Tires: 20 x 4-inch CST Scout eMoped all-surface fat tires Accessories: Alloy fenders, alloy black pedals

$2,400 |

Bakou Storm G2

The Bakou Storm G2 is a rugged e-bike that is able to tackle most technical terrains at full capacity with a full suspension design and the Bafang M620 Ultra mid-drive motor with robust power and efficiency.

The Storm G2 has all-metal gearing with an integrated torque sensor and is able to handle heavy loads with a robust rear suspension.

The aluminum alloy frame is available in five distinct colors and offers four battery sizes ranging from the standard 17.5 amp-hour to the larger 25 amp-hour option, which incurs an additional cost of $400. It comes in two frame sizes: medium and large.

The Storm G2 comes with a rear pannier rack, 4-amp smart charger and lifetime customer support.

Make it cooler: Bakou has a wide range of accessories from a deer trailer to a kids’ trailer, coolers, backpacks and seats.


Motor: 1,00-watt Bafang M620 Ultra motor Battery: From 17.5 to 25 amp-hour
Weight: 70 pounds (without battery) Top speed: 35 miles per hour
Brakes: Tektro HD E730 quad piston hydraulic brakes Suspension: RST Renegade Air Fork and Rockshox Monarch rear suspension
Tires: 26 x 4-inch Maxxis Minion tires Range: up to miles or three hours

From $5,600 |


Mountain e-Bikes

Canyon Grand Canyon: ON 7

The Grand Canyon: ON7 is a great entry-level e-mountain bike for riders looking to explore forest loops and scenic trails.

The ON7 has several aluminum frame sizes available from small to large, and Bosch’s Performance Line CX motor offers robust pedal assistance of up to 340 percent, making it appealing for people seeking a leisurely ride without exerting too much energy. The 10-speed Shimano drivetrain will disappoint advanced riders, limiting the ability to get up some steeper inclines.

The Bosch PowerTube battery is integrated into the frame, which is excellent for theft protection and can be charged by connecting directly to the charging jack.

The Bosch eBike Flow app features GPS navigation, route planning as well as bike tracking capabilities, with an option to shut down the entire e-system in the event of theft.

Make it cooler: Canyon has a range of accessories, such as mudguards, racks, lights, and a kickstand, for riders to personalize their e-bike


Motor: 750-watt Bosch Performance Line CX Battery: 750-watt-hour Bosch PowerTube
Weight: 52 pounds Range: 43+ mile range
Ride modes: Eco, Trail, and Boost Suspension: Rockshox Judy Silver 29 120mm Boost
Brakes: SRAM DB8 hydraulic disk brakes Tires: 29 x 2.6-inch Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance

$4,000 |

KONA Remote 130

The Kona Remote 130 is a perfect blend of mountain trail bike and electric mountain bike, with a practical design and powerful electric motor.

Crafted from durable aluminum, the Remote 130 is available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large with an adjustable suspension system, offering 1,300 millimeters of travel, allowing you to fine-tune your ride according to your terrain.

Customize and optimize your riding experience with the Shimano E-Tube Project, integrated with the STEPS E7000 motor. The app allows you to adjust your shift, synchronize and fine-tune derailleur settings and system diagnostics.

The Shimano battery is seamlessly integrated into the frame, keeping the bike’s design clean and minimalistic. The handlebar has all the controls placed in strategic places to keep the design clean and minimalistic.

Your range can be increased by using Trail and Eco mode, with the occasional bursts of boost to help you up particularly steep inclines. On downhills, the Remote 130 seems to excel, with exceptional handling, responsiveness, and the ability to navigate in the right direction around steep curves and difficult terrain.

Make it cooler: Enhance your ride with composite and aluminum pedals, key grips in various colors, and megawatt fenders to fend off mud splatters.


Motor: Shimano STEPS E7000 Battery: Shimano 504 watt-hours
Weight: 52 pounds Range: 50 miles
Ride modes: Boost, Trail, Eco and Walk Assist Suspension: Fox performance float trunnion
Brakes: Shimano Deore Top speed: 20 mph
Tires: Front 29 x 2.5-inch and rear 29 x 2.4-inch Maxxis Minion

$6,400 |

Trek FuelEXe 8 XT

The Trek EXe 8 XT is designed for adventure and can easily tackle all trails. Constructed around a durable aluminum frame, this bike is fitted with a TQ HPR50 250-watt motor that provides surprising pedal assist for steep inclines and treacherous declines. A removable battery is housed in the down tube with a convenient charging port, and an additional 160-watt-hour range extender can be fitted into a standard water bottle cage.

The LED display is subtly integrated into the frame, and the unobtrusive handlebar remote enables you to choose between three pedal assist modes. The Trek Senseless app allows riders to customize the motor tuning, record activity, use GPS navigation, and perform real-time range calculations.

With a steep seat angle and long reach, the Mino Link feature allows you to adjust the bike’s steering configuration, allowing you to bunny hop comfortably along all the gnarly trails.

Trek has managed to make the experience quieter by routing all cables internally within the frame, making maintenance much easier, and installing frame guards to reduce noise from chain slap and minimize rock impacts.


Motor: 250-watt TQ-HPR50 Battery: 360-watt-hour removable battery
Weight: 44 pounds Range: 25 miles
Brakes: Hydraulic disc Suspension: Fox Rhythm 36 front suspension with Float EVOL air spring and GRIP damper, and Fox Performance Float X rear suspension
Tires: 29 x 2.50-inch, tubeless-ready Bontrager Line Comp 30 wheels

$6,600 |

Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon

The Specialized Levo SL is perhaps one of the ultimate trail bikes on the market today. To prove it, readers of the popular Gran Fondo magazine voted Specialized the number one brand in e-MTB.

The sleek Levo SL is constructed from carbon fiber composite with alloy shock extensions, offering a unique riding experience for an e-bike. The front to rear end of the chassis has been fine-tuned to maximize pedal force and minimize lateral flex.

The Levo SL is available in six sizes, catering to riders from 4 feet, 11 inches to 6 feet, 8 inches tall. Each frame is meticulously constructed based on Specialized’s “Rider-First” philosophy, guaranteeing that each frame performs flawlessly.

Specialized claims that the SL 1.2 motor delivers 43 percent more torque and 33 percent more power than its predecessor. A 160-watt-hour range extender is available to purchase separately for extended riding power.

The Mastermind TCU display is mounted on the top tube, allowing riders to toggle between modes quickly. .

Make it cooler: An array of tires suited for diverse trails, alongside upgraded wheels, seats, expert alloy handlebars, a selection of pedals, and more.


Motor: 1.2 SL Custom Rx Trail-Tuned Motor Battery: 320-watt-hour
Weight: 41 pounds Range: 5 hours in Eco mode
Rider Modes: Eco, trail and turbo Suspension: Fox 36 Rhythm and rear Fox Float X Performance series
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes Top Speed: 20 mph
Tires: Front, 29 x 2.3-inch and rear, 27.5 x 2.3-inch 2Bliss Ready

$8,000 |

Folding e-bikes

Nakto Folding Ox

Nakto bikes are known for their affordability, and although the Ox is listed as one of their most expensive bikes in all categories, it remains competitive in the market.

The Ox is a folding all-terrain e-bike constructed with a sturdy steel frame. The battery is placed on the down tube, ensuring better weight distribution.

At just over 19 inches in height and 64 inches in length, the Ox is best suited to people under six feet tall; however, despite its small stature, according to the website, the Ox has a weight capacity of a whopping 400 pounds.

Folding down the bike is simple: flip a quick release and fold at the hinge (which is apparently very sturdy), requiring only three steps. While the handlebars do not fold down, the upside is that their height offers an easier riding position. At 75 pounds, some riders may find it challenging to load it into their vehicle or their overland rig.

The Nakto Ox features five levels of pedal assist and a full twist throttle and comes equipped with a fender, a rear rack, a kickstand, a horn, and a headlight.

Make it cooler: With a folded lock, rear mounted basket, phone mount, rear seat, an insulated food delivery bag and pet bike trailer you can customize for any trip.


Motor: 750-watt Peak rear hub Battery: 48-volt, 12-amp removable battery and 4-5 hours charging time
Weight: 75 pounds Range: 60 miles
Ride modes: Five-level pedal assist Suspension: Trama 82B sprung fork
Brakes: Shimano ventilated disc brakes Top speed: 28 mph
Tires: 20 x 4-inch Kenda all-terrain tires Accessories: Headlight with LCD display

$1,200 |

Rad Expand 5 Plus

The RadExpand 5 is an economical e-bike with higher-end components and features than its predecessor, the RadMini.

Built on an aluminum frame, the bike’s step-through design is ideal for riders with an inseam ranging from 26 inches to under 33 inches. The RadExpand 5 is available in Classes 1 and 2 with five pedal assist options and a zero assist option, reaching a maximum speed of 20 mph.

The RadExpand 5 has a weight capacity of 315 pounds and is easy to transport, folding down to a compact 29 x 25 x 41 inches. Retractable pedals and a collapsible handlebar enhance the folding capability.

The Rad Expand 5 Plus features a thermal-resistant Safe Shield battery, prioritizing your safety and additionally, its water-resistant design allows you to ride in rainy conditions while splashing through puddles.

Make it cooler: Rad mirror, front rack, various cargo baskets, Fremont pannier bag, handlebar bag, saddle bag, pet basket carrier, basket roll top liner, Rad trailer, premium headlight, and more. Deliveries are set to commence in April 2024.


Motor: 750-watt rear hub Battery: 720-watt, 15-amp removable battery and 4-5 hours charging time
Weight: 62 pounds Range: 20 – 45 miles
Ride modes: Class 1 and 2 Suspension: Adjustable hydraulic front suspension
Brakes: Gemma hydraulic disc brakes Top speed: 20 mph
Tires: 20 x 4-inch puncture-resistant tires

$1,900 |

Montague M-E1

The Montague M-E1 is more than just a folding bike; it’s a full-size performance bike that can also be classified as an all-terrain bike.

Featuring a step-through design with an adjustable saddle height, the M-E1 is ideally suited for riders between 5 tfeet, 4 inches and 6 feet, 4 inches. While it only comes in one frame size, its step-through design can comfortably accommodate a wide range of riders.

The M-E1 only weighs 54 pounds and folds down quickly to a compact 38 x 38 x 13 inches with a single quick-release mechanism. The folding process includes the handlebars and pedal, with the kickstand providing additional support.

Equipped with front and rear lights, front and rear fenders, and a rear cargo rack, this e-bike will be great for evening rides along the boulevard.

By connecting your bike to the Shimano E-Tube Project software, you can update the drive system’s firmware and easily adjust settings. With real-time ride data display and route mapping, the E-Tube Ride software easily transforms your smartphone into a bicycle computer.

Make it cooler: For easy transport, the rackstand, wheel stand and carry case allows you to carry it along with you anywhere.


Motor: 250-watt Shimano mid-drive Battery: 418-watt-hour, 36-volt lithium battery, fully charged between 2 -3 hours
Weight: 54 pounds Range: 45 miles (reviews have reported up to 90 miles)
Ride modes: Walk, Eco, Normal and High Suspension: Front SR Suntour NEX Suspension
Brakes: Hydraulic disk brakes Tires: 74mm, 700c Schwalbe Energizer plus

$4,000 |

Gocycle G4i

The Gocycle G4i Matte Black e-bike’s design is minimalistic, but its features are far from it.

Constructed with a carbon fiber mid-frame connected to an aluminum front frame, the G4i incorporates Gocycle’s revolutionary magnesium Cleandrive, resulting in the Gocycle G4i monocoque chassis, making it exceptionally capable in any urban setting.

Gocycle has aesthetically enhanced the look by housing the G4drive electric motor in the single-sided carbon front fork and incorporating a daytime running light into the handlebars to improve visibility and enhance the rider’s safety.

The G4i offers three gears with predictive electronic gear shifting and a responsive throttle, with automatic downshifting to first gear when stopping. The LED display is integrated into the handlebars, and unless you connect the GocycleConnect App via your mobile, it may take you a moment or two to understand the functions of each light.

The G4i can be folded and stowed away in under 30 seconds with the ability to flip down the handlebars and utilize the seat tube to push the wheel for transport.

Make it cooler: Easily attach a front pannier, front and rear mudguard and rear luggage rack to add more storage.


Motor: 250-watt front hub G4drive electric motor Battery: 36-volt, 10.4 am-hour removable lithium battery with 3.5 charging time
Weight: 38 pounds Range: 50-mile range
Ride modes: Eco, City and On-demand Suspension: Rear suspension
Brakes: Hydraulic brakes Top speed: 20 mph
Tires: 20 x 2.25-inch treaded tire with silica compound

$5,000 |

Honorable Mentions

With the sudden surge in ridership in recent years, there is a vast array of e-bikes on the market. Unfortunately, we were unable to list all of the available e-bikes, but have selected a few to be included as honorable mentions:


  • Mountain2Sea All Terrain HT: Great for adventurers seeking an all-rounder with fat tires for all terrains: $1,600 | ride.m2sbikes.com
  • Aventon Aventure 2: Lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame, long-lasting battery, and comfortable upright riding position: $1,800 | aventon.com
  • Lectric Xpeak Step-Thru: Durable but contoured design with impressive power: $2,126 | lectricebikes.com
  • Magicycle Deer Step-Thru: A complete suspension bike with a convenient step-thru for adventure and convenience: $2,500 | magicyclebike.com
  • Super 73 Blackout SE: Stealth e-bike with fat tires and front suspension, making any surface a pleasure: $4,300 | super73.com

Fat Tire/Off-road

  • Himiway Zebra: Rugged and equipped with fat tires and full suspension to explore the outdoors: $1,600 | himiwaybike.com
  • Okai Ranger EB50: Ebike equipped with an adjustable front suspension, mechanical disk brakes, and ambient lights: $2,000 | okai.com
  • Salsa BearGrease: Fat tire race bike with carbon frame and 27.5-inch wheels: $2,900 | salsacycles.com
  • Biktrix Monte Capro: Powerful electrical motor to climb steep inclines and long distances with hydraulic disc brakes: $6,000 | biktrix.com
  • ZeroMotorcycles ZeroFX: Extreme adventure motorcycle with customizable ride modes at 85 miles per hour: $12,500 | zeromotorcycles.com

Mountain Bikes

  • Wolff Apollo: Agile and symmetrical design with aluminum frame makes this a winner for winding trails – $2,000 | wolffebikes.com
  • Tern Peak T5: Robust e-bike with pedal assist, disc brakes, and suspension fork makes a more comfortable trail ride: $2,700 | magnumbikes.com
  • Marin Alpine Trail Carbon 2: With a lightweight carbon frame and 12-speed drivetrain, this e-bike can tackle any terrain: $4,500 | marinbikes.com
  • Giant Bicycles Trance X Advanced E &EL 2: This e-bike is equipped with Fox forks and shocks, a Shimano 12-speed drivetrain, and a composite frame, knocking out any trail: $7,000 | giant-bicycles.com
  • Orbea Wild MTeam: All-day trail rides are a breeze with seamless pedal assist and Fox suspension system: $9,500 | orbea.com

Folding Bikes

  • JackRabbit OG: Funky colors on a lightweight aluminum frame, equipped with integrated lights and fenders, makes it an easy rider: $1,000 | jackrabbit.bike
  • Flyer Folding Cargo: A compact e-bike with an integrated cargo rack allows for cargo or a passenger: $1,700 | flyer.radioflyer.com
  • Blix Vika+ Flex: Compact for easy storage in city dwellings and surprisingly quick: $1,900 | blixbike.com
  • Hummingbird Electric Bike Gen 2.0: Urban riding made easier with a creative on a carbon fiber frame: €4,500 | hummingbirdbike.com
  • ADO Air 20 Folding eBike: Weighing a mere 16kilograms with a brushless hub motor and hydraulic brakes: €1,400 | adoebike.com

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