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  • Author: Luisa Bell

Overland Trailers spotted at SEMA

Overlanding can be quite daunting, especially when you are pulling a trailer, unsure if it will make it over rough terrain. Perhaps the greatest advantage of traveling with a trailer is that you can leave your camp set up while you explore the more hard-core trails or head out for day trips without packing up….

The Ford Bronco Owned SEMA 2021

Jeep was a close second, but it seemed like you couldn’t turn a corner at this year’s show without walking face-first into a Bronco. They were everywhere: strategically or randomly scattered, there was a vast herd. Luckily, the new Bronco is almost as attractive as the old Bronco. Ford should be proud that they have…

Border Loopholes

When planning a holiday or an overland journey that crosses one or several borders, one often experiences a pang of fear. There is the fear of whether you will be permitted to enter a country, if you have the correct documentation, or if recent policy changes have been implemented that you may not be aware…