Top Overland Products at SEMA 2023

SEMA has in the past focused primarily on high-performance vehicles with jaw-dropping customizations; however, with the upward trend in overlanding, the Overland Experience at the SEMA show continues to grow year on year with innovative gear, accessories and impressive overlanding builds. In this article, we showcase new products introduced into the overlanding scene for seasoned adventurers and newcomers to the world of overlanding and off-road exploration.

Dropracks Roof Rack

Dropracks roof rack is a revolutionary new product from Norway designed by adventurers for overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts. Dropracks puts a fresh spin on the traditional roof rack systems with its modular design and quick installation, and it promises to save you time and energy when accessing your stowed gear. The aluminum rack is secured to your roof rails with aluminum profiles at 3.1 inches in height. To lower the roof rack to a comfortable and accessible height, a hand crank is used. If you have heavier loads, the hand crank can be extended. Gear such as a bicycle or kayak can be secured using the standard T-tracks on the rails of the loading platform. Once your gear is in place, crank it and raise it onto your roof. Dropracks are available in Sport or XL with widths of 51 or 59 inches, a drop distance of 28 to 31 inches, and a lifting capacity of 75 and 80 kilograms, respectively. This is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a hassle-free and adaptable roof rack.

Coolee 3-in-1 Portable Air Cooler by Cool Boss


Cool Boss has released a brand-new 3-in-1 gadget called the CooleeTM CL-240. It is a portable air cooler with a 14-quart ice chest and a rechargeable Bluetooth player. The soft-sided and durable polyethylene thermal insulated cooler has dual fans, and on either side of the control unit are multi-directional airflow nozzles that allow for direct cooling on the go. To cool down, add some ice cubes, reusable ice packs, or some water and turn it on. The Coolee can cool up to 35°F degrees lower than the ambient temperature and lasts six hours with its 10,000 milliampere-hour lithium battery. Now we may need to invest in an ice maker.

$340 |

Best Guard Saddle Truck Toolbox

Best Guard, based in Missouri, has been designing and manufacturing automotive storage for 25 years and introduced the Saddle Truck toolbox at SEMA this year. The Saddle Truck is made of aluminum and has an integrated alarm system with a keyless entry system that can be activated from 150 feet away, ensuring that no thieves can access your safeguarded items without setting off an alarm. The box has interior and exterior illuminated LED lights, and your tools and gear are kept dry by an H-frame construction with an industrial five-point gasket. Gas struts and large rivets operate automatic opening lids, and robust hinges ensure durability. The Saddle Truck toolbox can be reduced in size and stowed away when not in use.

$675 |

Fas-Top Traveler Modular Truck Bed Cover


The Fas-Top Traveler is an ingenious modular truck bed cover design that integrates all functions into one unit by combining a tonneau and a soft truck topper. The Traveler uses stow configurations, which are easy to apply and convert in less than a minute. Gone are the days of reinstalling a separate truck topper and/or a tonneau cover. The quick assembly of the truck topper gives you the freedom to haul larger and bulkier items with a few quick snaps. When the topper is not used, it can be removed or rolled to the front of the box and stored as a bundle in a sling under the tonneau cover.

From $1,200 |

Sandy Vans’ Boost Box Storage Unit


Sandy Vans is a custom van builder based in San Diego that craft, create, and customize vans and products to make your transition into adventure seamless while overlanding in comfort and style. The Sandy Vans team has designed and manufactured the Boost Box, a rear-mounted storage unit meticulously crafted from aluminum and finished with a sleek black powder coating. The Boost Box features an interior hanger system and drain holes to store surfboards, skis, and other wet gear. The Boost Box lets you enjoy your internal living area without compromising storage space.

$1,600 |

LTA Manufacturing Launches Venturous Truck Tops


Venturous Truck Tops is the first and only truck production company that utilizes an all-new patent pending PolyFuse Technology that uses fiberglass mat, PET foam reinforcement, and pressure-injected neat resin, which promises a more robust and lightweight truck top due to its closed mold system. The Ozark Premium Cab-High Truck Top is manufactured with a heavy-duty roof structure for roof rack systems and rooftop tents. LTA Manufacturing claims that the Ozark Premium Cab-High Truck Top is 38 percent lighter and triple the strength of other truck tops. The truck top is fitted with a rear door skirt, which includes a third LED brake light with optional extras such as interior lighting, tinted glass, pet screens, trim finishes, and an added roof rack system.

Rock Slide Engineering R-Step

Rock Slide Engineering launched several new products for the Tacoma, Bronco, and Gladiator at their booth at the SEMA show, such as the Overland Rack for the Gladiator and Tacoma owners, EZ Rack Accessories Cargo Box, the Tacoma Front Bumper as well as the rear seat cargo rack but what caught the attention of the attendees at their booth was the R-Step. A truck bed step for easy access to the side and rear of your pickup. The two-tiered step comes in a width of either 9 or 16 inches, has been weight tested up to 400 pounds, and is available on all truck platforms. We are impressed that it tucks away neatly but are interested to see if it is able to withstand wet and dirty conditions.

Rinsekit Tailgate Pad

The Rinsekit Tailgate Pad is an innovative water storage unit designed to hose off your gear after adventuring without packing additional water canisters. We, as overlanders, would likely use this product as a shower, as cold water is good for blood circulation, apparently. The Rinsekit tailgate pad holds 10 gallons of water and fits most truck platforms. The seven-foot hose connects to a high-pressure water pump powered via a 12-volt trailer or cigarette plug and is stored in an enclosed hose storage pocket to keep it neatly tucked away. The multi-functional pad is lined with felt to protect paintwork and is made with durable EVA pads with slots and strappings to secure up to five bikes. The ability to store 10 gallons of water without taking up additional storage space could be a lifesaver in emergencies.

Wildtop Truck Caps

WildTop Truck Caps is a truck accessory brand that is a subsidiary of the Australian company Tuff Tonneaus. WildTop Truck Caps has developed a UV and weather-resistant, soft cap top with an integrated powder-coated aluminum roof rack bed system with a load rating of 220 pounds while in motion and 770 pounds when stationary. The soft cap is made with 16-ounce, premium, heavy-duty canvas and allows easy access from all three sides with an easy roll-up design. If you’re eager to start overlanding with a lightweight rooftop tent or bed/drawer system, this might be a viable option.

From $1,000 |

Raket Designs Modular Full Roof Rack for 2021+ Broncos

Raket Designs’ modular lightweight full roof rack is versatile and can accommodate several accessories with over 80 inches of storage space. The steel and aluminum constructed roof rack caters to all 2021 and older Broncos and can be used with a soft or hard top (or no top). The front assembly can be utilized as a light bar and spotlight mount, and the rear tower assembly offers MOLLE panels and built-in light mounts. The rack can be removed easily due to the slide system and can be inverted to either the flat surface or basket option.

From $2,400 |

Premium Stainless Steel Canopy by Piranha Off-Road Products

Another great outdoor product manufactured in South Africa is a stainless steel modular canopy that is weather and dust-proof and easy to assemble. This premium canopy is lightweight (176 pounds), and can fit an extensive range of utility vehicles. The front of the canopy is equipped with a sliding window and a pair of integrated positive air pressure system vents with insect screens, full-size gull-wing side doors, and a rear bonded glass door assisted by gas struts from Struts Australia. At the rear is a bonded glass rear window and a brake stop light, and all doors are fitted with compression locks. This stainless-steel canopy can be made overland-ready with optional extras like side storage boxes and a roof-mounted table.

Metra Electronics Jeep 8-gang Switch Panel System

Metra Electronics unveiled an 8-gang switch panel system specifically designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018. The water-resistant die-cast aluminum switch panel is fitted vertically with the addition of a replacement A-pillar cover with an under-hood control box that affixes to the OE mounting locations. The switch panel has a 60-amp circuit breaker, two 30-amp, two 20-amp, two 10-amp, and two 5-amp circuits, along with a blue LED backlighting for illumination. The switch panel can control a variety of 12-volt DC accessories and enables users to monitor up to eight different auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices. Metra also introduced new dashboard speaker grilles, lower dash speaker grille cut-ins, turn signal trigger harness, 7-inch LED headlights, and 4-inch LED fog lights with RGB halo.

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