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Fiat-Chrysler’s Diesel Debacle

At a time when Americans were just beginning to warm to the diesel engine, Volkswagen’s now infamous emissions fraud hobbled its acceptance once again. Then in January, news hit suggesting the German automaker wasn’t the only manufacture to fudge their results. Fiat-Chrysler was put under the microscope when independent emissions experts uncovered a serious discrepancy…

EarthRoamer’s 2017 XV-LTS

EarthRoamers aren’t the most agile or affordable of overland vehicles, but they do have an undeniable cool factor. Something about combining granite counter tops and wine coolers with 41″ tires and bead-lock wheels seems to appeal to people, and in truth it’s not hard to see why. These vehicles are luxury apartments on wheels, and now the…

SEMA 2016 Day Two :: Product Showcase

While most of the project vehicles at SEMA have become the bastions of bad taste, there are still fantastic products and new innovations to be found. For this product showcase, I review some of the more notable offerings.   WARN: Each year Warn manages to not only release new products, but also stay true to…