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Texas receives an overland event of its own.

Over the past few years the overlanding scene has truly exploded, giving life to new events all across the country. Yet, despite the large number of enthusiasts in the central U.S., these expos and rallies seem to be concentrated solely along the East and West coasts, leaving those of us in the middle without many…

The Kawasaki KLX250 Returns for 2018

It was just a few years ago when bigger was better and the hulking 1200cc adventure motorcycle reigned supreme. Not to say the big bike’s day is done, but the wee machine is certainly making a comeback. In the time since Kawasaki dropped their KLX250 from the lineup 3 years ago, a number of diminutive…

Touratech Unveils Enduro Bike Concept Called the R1200GS Rambler

There has been a lot of buzz as of late around new motorcycles and hot concepts. Most of the latter are interesting enough, but none of them are quite as tapped into the adventure vibe as Touratech’s project built around a water-cooled BMW R1200 engine and chassis. It’s a beautiful machine sure to resonate with many a dirt-crazed big…