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One for the Road

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Fall 2020 Issue.   Let’s accept that adventure motorcycling means long, unsupported journeys across the world’s developing nations, lately redefined as the Global South. Overlanding is another word for it, as distinct from regular touring vacations or even gnarly domestic adventures that aren’t hard to have…

Mystic Myanmar on Dirt Bikes

To live in South Africa as an adventure biker has many advantages. It is a great place to get your motorcycle fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a great starting point for an expedition to some of the wildest and most beautiful countries in Africa, such as Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, and Rwanda….

Life on the Road | Moto Proven

This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Summer 2020 issue.  One of the wonderful things about adventure motorcycle travel is the simplicity, eschewing the complexities and excesses of daily life. As a rider, we can only bring so much, and the more we travel, the more we tend to leave behind. The less we…

The Basic Overland Gear Everyone Should Have

The Overland Journal Podcast #20 Principles of Overlanding: The Basic Overland Gear Everyone Should Have Summary: For this Principles of Overlanding, Matt and Scott review the top 10 pieces of kit that help support local and international overland travel. Topics include navigation, communications, recovery equipment, medical kits, training, tools, and more. Get in touch with…

The top 10 must-have pieces of luggage

In my article Top 10 advice for new travelers, I ranked first advice to travel as light as possible. And I mean it. I can do without many things, even if they seem vitally important, and I can gratefully use something simple without complaining about lack of comfort or pretentious brand name. Sometimes I even…