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Making it Out Alive: Learn to save your own life or the one you love

Fieldcraft Survival and TacMed Solutions, companies providing industry-leading medical, simulation, and protection solutions for combat military personnel and first responders, collaborated on this comprehensive trauma kit, the MTK (Mobility Trauma Kit), with everyday mobility, off-roading, and overlanding in mind. The kit includes everything you could need in a life-threatening emergency: a tourniquet, modular bandages, combat gauze, compressed gauze, tactical burn dressing, eye shields, nasopharyngeal airway and lube, trauma shears, a Sharpie, an emergency blanket, and more.

Get trained

If these products sound intimidating, Fieldcraft Survival also provides instruction on how to use the tools contained in this kit—designed to stop the bleeding and stabilize an accident victim until help arrives—with classroom instruction providing hands-on training.

Currently scheduled courses are for September 14 and October 19 in Heber City, Utah. Can’t make either? Stay updated on new class schedules at fieldcraftsurvival.com. The all-day courses are designed to teach outdoor enthusiasts, overlanders, adventurers, and nature wanderers critical life-saving skills when minutes or seconds count. These are the practical procedures necessary to triage injuries and treat common life-threatening injuries, whether treating yourself or others. “You are your own first response,” the company says. You can read more about why trauma kits are important here.

Why trauma kits

Fieldcraft’s Mobility Trauma Kit comes in a 6 x 8-inch lightweight pouch, making it perfect for motorcyclists to strap onto their bikes or overlanders to carry in a glove box or under a seat. While first aid kits are great for a cut on your finger or a minor burn at the campfire grill, virtually nothing in them will save a life when trauma strikes.

Fieldcraft also offers a small pouch called the BCK (Bleeding Control Kit). It is assembled with a trauma bandage, QuikClot gauze, combat medic reinforced tape, compressed gauze, and gloves and is designed to supply the tools necessary to keep a wound from bleeding out in the event of an emergency when no help is immediately available. The BCK fits into pockets and backpacks easily, making it the perfect serious emergency kit for hikers, rock climbers, and mountain bikers. Fieldcraft recommends the addition of a SOF tourniquet and holder that fits easily inside a waistband.

What's included

SOF tourniquet, 6″ Olaes modular bandage, combat gauze, two compressed gauzes, tactical burn dressing (4″ x 4″), two Hyfin vent chest seals, cotton triangular bandage (Cravat), two aluminum eye shields w/protective covers, nasopharyngeal airway 28FR + lube, trauma shears (5.5″), Sharpie marker, emergency blanket, two pair Nitrile gloves.

Get trained

TacMed’s goal is to provide customized emergency responses to anyone entering hostile environments that could result in trauma. This company offers the TMS University, an interactive online portal and e-learning platform where a number of courses are offered for pre-hospital trauma treatment and the use of equipment, and even emergency care for your K-9 companion. TacMed makes available more outdoor and overland emergency medical gear here and free online instruction—everything from moving critical patients to treating hypothermia and massive hemorrhage injuries and how to properly use a tourniquet here.

Both companies offer an assortment of emergency gear: everything from medical ankle holsters to modular visor panels.

$250/Courses, $175/MTK丨fieldcraftsurvival.com.

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