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Bikepacking: Field Repairs, Tools, and Spares

Whether you’re just heading out for a quick fitness ride or traversing a continent, every rider must be ready for the mechanical woes that frequently disrupt an otherwise perfect bike ride. No matter how well maintained your bike is, there’s still a chance something wildly unexpected could happen like having a squirrel dive into your…

Field Tested: Rocky Mounts BackStage Swing-Out Hitch Rack

Hitch-mounted bike rack systems with integrated swing-out pivots are not new, but most of them up to this point have been of the less desirable hang-and-dangle style with the bikes draped over two rack arms. Most riders, myself included, much prefer the tray style racks which clamp only to the front wheel and accommodate a…

Bikepacking: Maintenance Tips for a Fuss-free Trip

When bikepacking started to gain momentum roughly 10 years ago, concerns over bike reliability were not just overstated, they were wildly overblown. The reality is, most bikepacking trips clock in at well under 500 miles—if not fewer than 200. If your bike can’t survive a week of use without catastrophic failure, you need to rethink…