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25 Black Friday Gifts for the Overlander in Your Life

Presented by Nitto Tire

Now that Halloween ghosts have been replaced by twinkling reds, greens, and golds, it’s time to start thinking about the fast-approaching holiday season. Luckily, the Expedition Portal team has been busy amalgamating our favorite gear picks just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While Associate Editor Steve Edwards has favorited insulated camp bowls and handy flexible solar panels, for Senior Editor Ashley Giordano, it’s all about the often overlooked junior overlanders—the kids. Editor in Chief Tena Overacker’s stovetop oven pick will leave you hungry for cinnamon rolls; Bikepacking Editor Jack Mac has selected the perfect camera; and 4WD Senior Editor Graeme Bell’s suggestions will keep you warm, whether by insulated jacket or by campfire.

Including a wide variety of prices for every budget, here are our top 25 pieces of gear for the overland adventurer in your life.

Step 22 T-Puller Zipper Pulls

Necessity is the mother of invention, and with this in mind, Step 22 has introduced its T-Puller Zipper Pulls. A stubborn zipper may not seem like a big deal, but if it provides access to your rooftop tent or essential storage, it can be fatiguing over time. The T-Puller Zipper Pulls are the perfect solution and are designed to be easy to grab, even with gloves or wet hands. The product is offered in two colors (black and red), fits any slider pull tab, and incorporates a reflective tracer in the cord for spotting at night. They are perfect for stocking stuffers. (JM)

$2 | step22gear.com

CamelBak Eddy+ Kids Renew Water Bottle, 12 fl. oz

Available in cute designs such as Hibernating for Winter, Jungle Animals, and Rainbow Floral, CamelBak’s Eddy+ Kids Renew water bottles are leakproof when closed and spill-proof when open, protecting liquid contents for even the strongest of baseball arms. Made with Eastman Tritan Renew copolyester, which is crafted from 50 percent recycled content, the bottles are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and BPA-, BPS-, and BFF-free. Recommended for kids ages three and up, the Eddy+ can be clipped to a wagon or backpack via the carry handle; plus, the universal cap system is compatible with most CamelBak accessory caps. (AG)

$15 | rei.com

Coleman Kids Quad Chair

Great for casually eating hotdogs or enjoying their own special perch around the campfire, the Coleman kid-size camp chair features a low seat to help resist tipping and a lockable steel frame to prevent accidental folding. The comfortable 24-inch seat and 10.2-inch sitting height support up to 160 pounds and folds into a carry bag for easy transport and storage, while mesh cup holders provide the perfect spot for cold drinks on a hot summer day or a mug of hot chocolate when it’s cool outside. Chairs are offered in pink and purple or teal and orange designs, both of which glow in the dark. Fun. (AG)

$25 | coleman.com

Outside Inside Backpack Watercolor Kit

Got a budding Bob Ross in the family? Support their artistic endeavors with this outdoor watercolor kit. The set includes 12 watercolors, a refillable brush, 0.5 permanent marker, 2B pencil, pallets, a sponge, color sampler, 30-page watercolor pad, and a user manual. Recommended for kids ages 12 and up, the kit is housed in a drawstring bag, keeping its contents safe and secure during any hike, day at the beach, or outing by the lake. I doubt the kiddos will wait until summer to crack this kit open, though. Once the sugar has worn off, painting could be a joyous Christmas day activity for everyone. (AG)

$30 | rei.com

Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp

Embracing the wild of the child, Black Diamond designed the Whiz headlamp to survive the adventure of being a kid. Thirty lumens of lighting—with full strength, dimmed, and strobe modes—are provided by two SinglePower LEDs, which power off after two hours to avoid accidental battery drain. The headlamp is water-resistant and features a head tilt, allowing for proper function even when put on upside-down. For curious kids, the Black Diamond Wiz is CPSIA certified and has a child-safe closure requiring an opening tool and breakaway elastic safety strap. Color options include Berry, Powell, and Vibrant Orange. (AG)

$30 | blackdiamondequipment.com

Nuke Sunrise Giant Silo

The Nuke Sunrise Giant Silo is an oversized feed bag designed to fit the Jetboil Flash cooking system. It fits snugly between the stem and the handlebar and provides convenient one-handed access on the move. Highlights include a Dimension Polyant XPAC VX-21 waterproof fabric exterior, daisy chain attachment points for the 3/4-inch webbing strap, a drain hole, and foam cushioning between fabrics, and it is available in a wide range of colors. I’ve owned a variety of feed bags, but the Giant Silo is by far the most impressive, thanks to beautiful craftsmanship, innovative features, and generous internal volume. (JM)

$36 | nukesunrise.com

Blue Ridge Overland Gear Treasure Bag and Patch Bundle

Blue Ridge Overland Gear knows that kids tend to collect a lot of stuff. To “corral the madness,” the company has designed this drawstring treasure bag to house all sorts of items, from rocks to seashells, mushrooms, and, well, goodness knows what else. The ripstop nylon bag cinches closed and packs small (dimensions are 6.5 x 5 x 6 inches) and, according to Blue Ridge, is easy to store in your go-to EDC bag. Part of the brand’s Explorer’s patch series, the bundle includes a Daniel Boone patch that features the heroes of Sasquatch the Squirrel’s family tree. This product is handcrafted in the USA. (AG)

$38 | blueridgeoverlandgear.com

Kahtoola NanoSpikes

black friday

Headquartered in our own beautiful Arizona, Kahtoola manufactures crampons, gaiters, footwear traction, and various accessories. Owner Danny Giovale has been at it for over 20 years after handcrafting the first KTS Hiking Crampon in his family shop. As someone who has taken more than one inopportune fall on the ice, Kahtoola’s newly redesigned NanoSpikes seem particularly attractive—handy for anyone who lives, works, or plays in wintry locales. I like the small footprint (pun intended) with its easy pack-down size and low profile. NanoSpikes easily slide over all sorts of shoes, and the updated version “offers improved comfort, fit, and traction.” (TO)

$55 | kahtoola.com

Sea to Summit, X-Set 21

black friday

I’m obsessed with minimalism and have made every effort to own a clutter-free and well-organized rolling home. There are obvious ways to save space and weight, but there are also subtle adjustments that add up to a significant change, such as collapsible kitchenware. Sea to Summit’s collapsible X-Set 21 set includes the award-winning 1.4-liter X-Pot with innovative strainer lid, X-Bowl, and X-Mug, which all nest inside one another and collapse to just 1.6 inches. The range is manufactured using BPA-free, food-grade, heat-resistant silicone and is a no-brainer for space-conscious travelers. (JM)

$80 | seatosummit.com

Omnia Stovetop Oven

black friday

We have Sweden to thank for many things: the Ice Hotel, ABBA (debatable), Ikea (also debatable), and Omnia ovens. While you have to travel to Lapland to enjoy the Ice Hotel, the Omnia is a bit of Swedish genius you can take wherever you go. The three-part design weighs a single pound and has a diameter of 9.8 inches, perfect for tucking into that little bit of space you have left. Anything you make in an oven can be made in an Omnia, which makes for endless possibilities for backcountry cooking. “It’s the oven for the ovenless,” and can be used on any heat source save an induction cooktop. (TO)

$80/oven | buyomniaus.com

Prometheus Design Werx Ti-Line Insulated Ramen Bowl and Ti Take Down Chopsticks

black friday

Few kitchen utensils are as versatile as the humble chopsticks (a billion and a half people can’t be wrong). Prometheus Design Werx’s version features hollow titanium handles that double as storage for the mahogany tips, and they come with a nylon carrying case and optional neck cord, so no noodle will ever take you by surprise. The Ti-Line insulated ramen bowl’s rugged double-walled titanium construction not only keeps your soup hotter longer, but also lets you cradle your steaming lunch in your hands without fear of burns. The Ti-Line multi-purpose bowl measures 8 inches across and holds 45 ounces. (SE)

$89/ramen bowl, $20/chopsticks | prometheusdesignwerx.com

Rocky Talkie Radios

black friday

If you listen to the Overland Journal Podcast, you’ve no doubt heard host Scott Brady sing the praises of the Rocky Talkie radio. Rocky Talkie is a sponsor of the pod, but their radios are one of those rare handful of products the Expedition Portal and Overland Journal staff use all the time in the day-to-day running of the magazine and the website. From complex video shoots to trail comms to staying in touch with colleagues at big events like Overland Expo, the Rocky Talkie’s fool-proof interface, compact dimensions, huge range, excellent battery life, and crisp audio make it one of the best handhelds we’ve ever used. (SE)

$110 | rockytalkie.com

Radius Outfitters Camp Seatback Trash Tube with Lid

black friday

I keep a tidy vehicle, and Radius Outfitters’ trash tubes with the optional bamboo lid ratchet up the neatness quotient while maintaining the style points I seek. Made of 1000D Cordura and lined with PVC, these sleek containers can be hung off of your headrest using tether straps and hooks but also come with MOLLE straps for more attachment options. The large size has an 8-gallon capacity, while the small still holds an impressive 4 gallons of rubbish. A top retention ring holds liner bags in place, avoiding would-be messes, and the full-length zipper makes extraction a snap when you’ve stuffed too much disorder in your order. (TO)

$119/large, $89/small, $25/lid | radiusoutfitters.com

Stōd Gear Company Woodgaiter

black friday

Avoid sullying your clothing and coming into contact with splinters and unwanted bugs by using the Stōd Gear Woodgaiter, designed not only to carry wood but also offers multiple purposes, which we love (we have used the woodgaiter as a ground sheet when working on the vehicle and also for carrying large, bulky gear around camp). The distinctive gaiter design adapts to different wood volumes and accommodates longer firewood pieces while striking a delicate balance by enabling moisture to vent while shielding your wood from external elements when transported on the vehicle. You can read our review here. (GB)

$138 | stodgear.com

Field Company Leather Oven Mitt

black friday mitts

Field Company’s founders, brothers Stephen and Chris Muscarella, have a passion for cast iron, forged through the years by using heirloom cookware passed down through generations. While primarily known for its made-in-the-USA cast-iron skillets (lighter and more finished than any others I’ve tried), Field’s complementary accessories transcend the ordinary. Handcrafted in Vermont’s Champlain Valley, these full-grain leather mitts mold to your hand over time, acquiring a patina from use that is as pleasing as the wear on your favorite pair of boots. Insulated with cotton backing, the mitts can handle cookware heated at temperatures up to 550° and have a durable black suede backing—perfect for campfire cooking. (TO)

$135 | fieldcompany.com

TCX Boots Street 3 WP Moto Shoes

Fonzie wore motorcycle boots on Happy Days, but I’m certain he would have worn TCX’s leather Street 3 shoes, given the chance. Enhance your gift recipient’s “aaaaay” factor with these motorcycle shoes, complete with an Ortholite insole for maximum comfort and breathability, a T-Dry waterproof membrane, toe and heel protection, and D3O inserts on the ankle. Designed to wear like a soft and flexible sneaker, the shoe stiffens on impact when you need it. A molded Zplate insert allows the foot’s natural movement when walking or riding while offering premium protection. The soles are made of Groundtrax that shrugs off wear but works harmoniously with the bike’s controls. Available in sizes for men and women. (TO)

$190 | tcxboots.com

Kuiu Granby Hooded Jacket

men's hooded jacket

The Granby insulated hooded jacket delivers impressive everyday performance, ensuring warmth and comfort. It achieves this by utilizing high-quality 60-gram 3DeFX+ synthetic insulation and a well-fitted hood with an adjustable cinch at the back. Designed with practicality in mind, the ripstop nylon outer shell effectively shields you from wind, while the DWR treatment enhances its resistance to moisture, making it ideal for light rain and snow. Notable features of this jacket include a convenient zippered chest pocket and interior drop pockets, providing organization for your essentials. Additionally, the open hand pockets are designed to keep your hands warm during chilly weather. (GB)

From $199 | kuiu.com

Turkana MadMules Rackless Panniers

motorcycle panniers

Turkana’s innovative MadMules rackless panniers are engineered to fit most adventure/enduro bikes, including Superbikes and long-distance motorcycle tourers. The panniers are lightweight, versatile, adaptable, configurable, and modular motorcycle rackless saddlebags. Riders have the flexibility to align their luggage according to their preferences and riding style, ensuring that the weight is carried as low and close to the motorcycle as possible. The “Base Sandwich” top component is designed to function independently and is particularly suitable for carrying smaller gear loads. It is compatible with all Tutrkana Trek-Bags, which attach using the MOLLE system, enhancing its storage and carrying capabilities. (GB)

$247 | turkanagear.com

Safe Jack Bottle Jack Recovery Kit

bottle jack kit black friday

One thing we have learned traveling continents with an old Land Rover is that a good jack is absolutely essential, and the Safe Jack Bottle Jack recovery kit is the best of the best. This kit is designed to tackle any trail challenge, ensuring stability and safety throughout your lifting tasks. With a range of included tools, you can transform your 6-ton bottle jack into a compact yet powerful lifting tool. The eight-piece kit consists of the bottle jack and extension, a screw collar, 3-, 6-, and 12-inch extensions, a flat lift pad, a 3-inch universal lift pad, and a heavy-duty canvas safe jack bag as well. Don’t leave home without it. (GB)

$320 | safejacks.com

Rumpl Deep Royal Featherlite Down Blanket

rumpl blanket

Bulky duvets are a thing of the past, thanks to Rumpl’s Featherlite down blanket. Living in a vehicle, space and payload are at a premium, and I’m forever fine-tuning my setup. With this in mind, I swapped my heavy winter duvet for Rumpl’s lightweight (2-pound) down blanket and never looked back. The blanket is manufactured using 600-fill power sustainably sourced hydrophobic duck down and features a 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester ripstop shell (which repels water, dirt, stains, and odor). It also incorporates corner clips (compatible with their Everywhere Mat) and a Cape Clip. Further still, when not in use, it compresses into the included stuff sack. (JM)

$350 | rumpl.com

Leica SOFORT 2 Camera

leica camera

A few years ago, I bought my partner the original Leica Sofort Instax camera to document special moments just for us. Despite taking thousands of digital photos, I found myself looking through our little board of printed Instax photos the most. It’s also a wonderful way to gift camp buddies old and new with a memory they can pin in their rig or back home. The latest model features a Leica Summar lens, a 3-inch LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity (allowing compatibility with the FOTOS app), 10 integrated film styles, and a 1/5-inch CMOS sensor that can capture 4.9MP digital photos. (JM)

$389 | leica-camera.com

Sunflare Xplor 105W Weekend Flexible Solar Panel

solar panel black friday

Overlanders are forever chasing electrons to power our constantly expanding array of devices, accessories, and tools. Solar installations can be tricky depending on how your rig is configured, so it pays to make sure every solar cell you have works at peak efficiency. Sunflare’s solar modules are made of stainless steel that prevents the micro-cracking that can occur in silicon-based panels, and their proprietary by-pass diodes ensure that even in shady conditions, the Xplor module will continue to harvest sunlight. The flexible Weekender is only 1.7 millimeters thick and weighs 6.5 pounds; it produces 105 watts of max power at 6.2 amps. (SE)

$449 | gtfoverland.com | ok4wd.com

Oyster Cooler

overland cooler for black friday

The Oyster cooler is lightweight and compact and has the ability to keep contents cold without the need for ice. Crafted from aluminum, it can be disassembled without tools, facilitating easy cleaning, repair, and recycling. The innovative technology and compact design provide three times the storage capacity while occupying just half the external dimensions. It eliminates the need for a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio and can efficiently accommodate 36 cold cans of your choice. This feature facilitates the removal of debris from the hinges or the replacement of parts through simple pushing, pulling, twisting, and turning actions. (GB)

$500 | oystercooler.com

AGV Ax9 Mono ECE DOT Matte Carbon Touring Motorcycle Helmet

black friday helmet

A motorcycle helmet is a very personal purchase for most riders, so perhaps consider AGV’s Ax9 Mono as a collaborative present with your adventure-riding loved one. To that end, the carbon Aaramid fiberglass Ax9 Mono comes in a huge range of sizes, from XXS to XXXL (across three shell sizes), to keep all kinds of noggins secure while only weighing in at feathery 3.3 pounds. It’s both ECE and DOT-certified for comprehensive impact protection and can be configured four ways with the removable peak and pinlock-compatible, ultra-panoramic visor. The Ax9 Mono is available in Matte Carbon or Glossy Carbon to complement any riding kit. (SE)

$715 | agv.com

Kuat Ibex Truck Bed Rack and Accessories

black friday gift

Kuat makes some of the toughest and most aesthetically pleasing bike racks on the market (who wants to mar their carefully curated overland build with a generic lump of black steel to carry your bikes?). Kuat’s slick design language carries over into their new Ibex bed rack system. Fitting a wide range of popular mid-size and full-size pickups, the Ibex features a lot of bicycle-focused accessories, of course, but its 1,200-pound static load rating means you can load up with all kinds of overland gear as well. From traction boards to roof tents, the T-slot mounting system and unique MOLLE-style side panels offer a wide range of possibilities. (SE)

From $1,489 | kuat.com

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