Thanksgiving Overland Gift Guide

thanksgiving overland gift guide

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Beyond Clothing Guide Lite Gloves

thanksgiving overland gift guide : beyond guide lite gloves

Gloves are one of those small, crucial items that can protect your fingers from cold weather, winch cables, tool handles, and grime. However not all gloves are created equal, and few (in my experience) are often up to the task of protecting your delicate fingers for much longer than a couple months of hard use. Beyond Clothing’s Guide Lite Gloves aim to change those expectations, with high-quality materials and construction methods that are actually designed to last. Their stretchy, breathable backs allow for unrestricted movement, and their buttery smooth leather is wonderfully supple, delivering a broken-in feeling the first time you put them on your hands. As a bonus, Beyond’s approach to business takes into account its impact on the world and environment and strives to do better than the status quo.

$95 |


Bōnedry Hydration Bladder Dryer

thanksgiving overland gift guide: bonedry hydration bladder dryer

Hydration bladders are extremely practical for any outdoor activity, including staying hydrated while moto-touring. But caring for them sucks. If they aren’t properly dried out, the next time you grab your bladder, it could be filled bad smelling (and tasting) bacteria. And while hydration bladder hangers (for drying) have existed for quite some time, there is a new (hopefully) better product. Fossil Outdoors’ Bōnedry hydration bladder dryer is a synthetic wicking strip made from recycled plastic bottles that absorbs any remaining water from your hydration bladder (after it’s been emptied), and wicks it away, allowing the interior of the bladder to fully dry. When you are done using your bladder, you simply put the Bōnedry strip in it and put it away. Made in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

$20 |


Hardcore Hammers Blackout Survivalist Hatchet

thanksgiving overland gift guide : survivalist hatchet

Hardcore Hammers started their business journey by innovating a framing hammer with a recessed waffle-head that addressed many of the problems with the original waffle-head hammer designs (like damaging wood and fingers when driving nails). Since then, they’ve improved upon a bunch of other common tools, including the tried and true hatchet. Their Blackout edition Survivalist Hatchet is made from 4140 ordnance steel, the same durable steel used in the breech and barrel of some firearms. It has a curved American Hickory handle and an FNC (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing) coating for corrosion resistance. The hatchet also features some added features, like a tent stake/nail puller, and a hammer with Hardcore’s signature recessed waffle pattern.

$164 |


Sand Cloud Geo Sunset Turkish Towel

thanksgiving overland gift guide : sand cloud turkish towelthanksgiving overland gift guide : sand cloud turkish towel

No matter how long you’re on the road, incorporating a few comforts from home can make a world of difference. After struggling with an ineffectual travel towel for far too long, the Sand Cloud Geo Sunset Turkish Towel is at the top of my holiday wish list. Made and loomed in Turkey with 100 percent Turkish Organic cotton (stronger, softer, and more absorbent than your average terrycloth towel), Sand Cloud’s towels dry quickly, are lightweight, and pack down small. Another pro: 10 percent of the company’s profits go toward marine conservation, and sales of the Geo Sunset, in particular, support the Surfrider Foundation. Plus, I love the sunset pattern, which emanates beach vibes wherever your adventure may take you. (AG)

$50 |


Arvon ‘Starting to Write Non-Fiction’ Course with Lois Pryce and Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

thanksgiving overland gift guide : writing workshop

Turn those New Year’s writing resolutions into reality with this 5-day online non-fiction writing course hosted by renowned UK writers (and Expedition Portal/Overland Journal contributors) Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent and Lois Pryce. The offering includes one-on-one tutorials with both tutors and the opportunity to attend informal get-togethers with your fellow attendees each evening. Workshop topics include story structure, effectively incorporating research and dialogue, and what to include (or leave out) of your story. Independent writing time is a must, so if you’ve been struggling to put aside the time to craft the ultimate travel tale, this course might be a great place to start. (AG)

£400 |


Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Base

Every time I interview an overlander, I always ask them about their toiletry kit. I can’t help it! I’m on a mission to create a perfectly organized shower experience. That being said, I can’t take credit for this holiday gift guide item, as I learned about it from Hourless Life’s Brittany Highland. Matador promises that their FlatPak Soap Bar Case won’t leak (can confirm), will keep soap bars solid (mine is still in fabulous shape), is waterproof, and three times lighter than your average soap case. Every time I open the rolltop closure, I’m astonished to find a perfectly healthy, well-formed soap bar that still smells of vanilla-y goodness. Don’t hesitate to pair this gift with a holiday-themed bar such as peppermint or fir, or frankincense and myrrh. (AG)

$13 |


Glerups: The Ultimate Home and Camp Shoe

Designed in Denmark and made in Romania, the company’s headquarters are on the same field Founder Nanny Glerup used to keep her Gotland sheep. Constructed of 100 percent wool, the shoes are naturally temperature regulating (no matter the season), moisture absorbent, breathable, anti-bacterial, and have limited self-cleaning properties—all without the use of chemicals. Meant to be worn with bare feet, the unbelievably soft wool molds around your foot to create a custom footbed. Cozy enough to wear in the casa as a glorified slipper, they represent equally well as a camp shoe when purchased with the rubber sole. Expect minimal shedding in the first few weeks. The sizing is right on if you follow the company’s guidelines. (TO)

$140/shoe, $155/boot, w/rubber soles |


Snow Peak Mini Hozuki: Let There be Light

The (Ho, ho, Ho)zuki Mini is the ultimate stocking stuffer, diminutive in size and weight at 2.2 by 2 inches and 1.9 ounces, but big on function. Three different settings allow you to adjust brightness from a radiant light to a more ambient glow. The magnetic loop at the top makes it easy to conveniently hang the lantern in your tent, where it will provide ample illumination, but I found the 60-lumen LED light output suitable for use in a small (e.g., 14 x 14) room as well. It’s perfect for backpackers or moto travelers and a handy accessory for both camp and home purposes. Another reviewer mentioned attaching it to their belt loop for night walks which sounds like a fantastic idea. Available in three colors. (TO)

$43 |


U-Konserve Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers

Single-use plastics are so yesterday, but even better than multi-use plastic is multi-use stainless steel. I use these containers to transport food to the beach, the trailhead, my backyard, or for the impromptu picnic. I even keep the 7-ounce size filled with seeds or nuts in my pack for emergency snacking. While their practicality might not immediately scream thoughtful gift (I am reminded of the bread maker I received for an anniversary once), personalizing the mini round containers with foodstuffs or tea makes for a stocking stuffer that keeps giving. (TO)

$10 and up |


EcoVessel Boss Triple-insulated Stainless Steel Growler Bottle with Infuser

I’ve had this growler for several months now and am continually impressed with its durability—I don’t have a single dent (yet), and it has been knocked around quite a bit. Though intended as a carrying vessel for everything from beer to coffee, I primarily use mine for water. The included infuser is great for adding flavor to your beverage of choice (think sangria); I’m partial to cucumbers, citrus, or rosemary for my agua. The seal actually works, ensuring leak-proof transport, a bigger deal than you might think. Drinks stay cold for an estimated 150 hours and hot for 24 hours. Fill it with eggnog to spread some holiday cheer. (TO)

$60 |


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