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Did Google’s Pixel Buds just break the language barrier?

The written and spoken word have been shaping our lives since the dawn of mankind. They’ve built and defined societies, led to a greater understanding of the world around us, and helped to bridge the gap between nations, but they’ve also been a barrier. Even simple differences in dialects can lead to difficulties in communication,…

Long Term Review: iOverlander Travel Resource App

In the fall of 2014, I wrote a small review of an upstart web and app-based travel resource called iOverlander. At the time it had equal potential to be a runaway success, or just one of a million great ideas to vanish into the cyber-ether. Three years later, the iOverlander platform is a proven winner…

SEMA 2016 Day Two :: Product Showcase

While most of the project vehicles at SEMA have become the bastions of bad taste, there are still fantastic products and new innovations to be found. For this product showcase, I review some of the more notable offerings.   WARN: Each year Warn manages to not only release new products, but also stay true to…