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  • Author: Bruce Smith
DJI Power 1000

DJI Power 1000 :: Field Tested

One of the challenges when overlanding is having a reliable source of sustainable electricity on tap to power lights, charge an array of electronics from cellphones to computers to drones, and run convenience items such as 12-volt fridges, 110-volt grills, and cooktops. Most off-road RV trailers have that covered with a deep-cycle house battery. But…

Oregon Trail'R DoDrop Alpha

DoDrop Alpha Adventure Trailer :: Field Tested

Adventuresome outdoor enthusiasts set on exploring the more remote parts of North America while keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible, will find the Oregon Trail’R DoDrop Alpha (DDA) off-road teardrop a nice step up from tent camping. The DDA’s small footprint, minimalistic design, robust build, and light weight make it an ideal companion…

AirLift 1000 CUV/SUV Air-Helper Springs :: Field Tested

Most overlanding enthusiasts equate air suspension to full-size pickup suspensions, which improve ride and handling when towing heavy trailers or hauling slide-in campers. Installing air-helper springs can also benefit the adventurous overlanding crowd who drive smaller vehicles such as all-wheel-drive CUVs (crossover utility vehicles) and smaller SUVs. The suspension under these smaller rigs can be…