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2018 Holiday Gift Guide $300+

It’s hard to believe that December is already halfway gone, meaning there is precious little time left before the holidays. Of course, by this time you’ve probably got most of your gifts for friends and family sorted out, but if you haven’t, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with two lists of great outdoor ideas….

Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Your Overlander

You’re sitting in your office, counting down the days until the holiday break when all of a sudden it hits you, you’re almost out of time for gifts! Frantically, you try to figure out what to buy. Well, fret not, as we have two giant lists of last-minute products for the outdoor enthusiast in your…

ARB Releases JL Deluxe Bumper

ARB has long been regarded as one of the best bumper and bull bar manufacturers out there. Over the years they have earned the respect of enthusiasts and professionals around the world by surviving the toughest conditions our planet has to offer, all while keeping the vehicle’s occupants safe in the event of a collision….

Eezi-Awn Releases Two New Hard Shell Tents

If overlanding had a pop-culture magazine, hard shell tents would be plastered all over the front page. These quick to deploy, easy to stow sleep systems are all the rage right now, and we continue to see newer and better models released every day. The latest comes from legendary tent manufacturer Eezi-Awn, and they’re called…

The New and Cool Overland Products of Outdoor Retailer 2018

We’re here in Denver Colorado for the 2018 Outdoor Retailer summer show, and we’re happy to report that there is a flood of new products being unveiled for your next overland adventure! That’s right gear lovers, rejoice, for there are tents, bags, chairs, tables, lights, vans, and four-wheel drives for you to soak in at…

The Best Seat in the House: Scheel-Mann Vario F XXL

We evaluate a lot of gear here at Expedition Portal and Overland Journal. Tents, trucks, bags, fridges, and recovery equipment are regularly used and reviewed by our team, and normally the write-ups are pretty straightforward. We cover their specifications, talk about our expectations, and determine how well the product ended up meeting them. But today…

New Release: Main Line Overland GTS Suspension

Overlanders face a rather unique problem when it comes to choosing suspension systems. Unlike racers who only need high-performance systems for lightweight trucks or long-haul truckers that need stiff springs for heavy cargo, we need something that balances comfort and performance on the dirt with payload capacity and reliability. Only the right combination will get…