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Featured Campervan :: 1977 Mercedes Benz LA 911 B – “Akela”

People often assume that we’re able to travel full-time because we’re millionaires, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Nevertheless, I always say, yes, I am. I’m a “time millionaire.” I may not have lots of money, but I have time, and that’s most important. -Leander Nardin Akela World is comprised of Leander, Maria, their son,…

oregon trail'r dodrop alpha

Featured Overland Trailer :: Oregon Trail’R DoDrop Alpha

Photos courtesy of OregonTrailer.net Raised in the mountains of Southern Oregon, Jon and Sawyer Christianson are the brothers behind Oregon Trail’R. As outdoor enthusiasts, the pair knows what it takes to make an off-road trailer functional and comfortable. Sawyer’s professional building background is in woodworking, and Jon has loads of experience with fabrication, CNC operation,…

Featured Truck Camper :: Global Expedition Vehicles Turtle

Photos courtesy of Global Expedition Vehicles When it comes to designing an expedition vehicle that can traverse continents, having experience behind the wheel in a variety of locations is indispensable. Founder of Global Expedition Vehicles (GEV) Michael Van Pelt understands this well. He’s been refining his expedition vehicle designs since the 1980s in an effort…

Tommy Campervans Adventure truck hero

Tommy Campervans and the Hotshot Adventure Truck

Photos by Justin Wade Orton Tommy Campervans is an Arizona-based campervan and adventure vehicle upfitter. Their skilled crew converts standard cargo vans, but they also upfit decommissioned Hotshot buggies for use as overlanding and adventure rigs. To give you a little more context, Hotshot buggies are crew carriers used by BLM and Forest Service firefighters….

Terranova Expedition Truck Joins the EarthCruiser Ranks

As the demand for purpose-built overland trucks continues to rise, EarthCruiser has answered the call with its new Terranova expedition truck. This cab-over-style composite adventure rig is built on one of three domestic 1-ton chassis including the 2020 or newer Ford F-350, Ram 3500, or Silverado 3500. “The EC Terranova is the culmination of years…

polydrop P17A travel trailer

Featured Travel Trailer :: Polydrop P17A

The first Polydrop trailer was designed in 2017 and launched in 2019 with the goal of offering unparalleled thermal efficiency so that users could remain comfortable in both hot and cold environments. The cabin of the first trailer was constructed from a wooden frame, with 8.2 inches of foam insulation encased in an aluminum skin….

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office Debuts Following Uptick in Remote Work

Inspired by the widespread shift to remote work that has occurred during the pandemic, Airstream has responded with an exciting new travel trailer specifically designed for those with the new-found freedom to roam. It’s called the Flying Cloud 30FB Office and it’s built on the bones of the Flying Cloud trailer which was originally introduced…