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Terranova Expedition Truck Joins the EarthCruiser Ranks

As the demand for purpose-built overland trucks continues to rise, EarthCruiser has answered the call with its new Terranova expedition truck. This cab-over-style composite adventure rig is built on one of three domestic 1-ton chassis including the 2020 or newer Ford F-350, Ram 3500, or Silverado 3500. “The EC Terranova is the culmination of years…

polydrop P17A travel trailer

Featured Travel Trailer :: Polydrop P17A

The first Polydrop trailer was designed in 2017 and launched in 2019 with the goal of offering unparalleled thermal efficiency so that users could remain comfortable in both hot and cold environments. The cabin of the first trailer was constructed from a wooden frame, with 8.2 inches of foam insulation encased in an aluminum skin….

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office Debuts Following Uptick in Remote Work

Inspired by the widespread shift to remote work that has occurred during the pandemic, Airstream has responded with an exciting new travel trailer specifically designed for those with the new-found freedom to roam. It’s called the Flying Cloud 30FB Office and it’s built on the bones of the Flying Cloud trailer which was originally introduced…

truckhouse bct toyota tacoma expedition vehicle

TruckHouse Unveils Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Composite Expedition Truck

TruckHouse BCT Luxury Overland Rig The BCT from TruckHouse is a composite expedition truck built on a Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO chassis. This niche market has traditionally featured full-sized and heavy-duty trucks but the BCT bucks that trend, filling the void of mid-sized expedition vehicles. But just because the BCT is smaller doesn’t mean that…

best overland trailer turtleback trailers

Best Overland Trailers of 2020

The Best Overland Trailers of 2020 I began considering the utility of an overland trailer while I was still traveling full-time in my RV, and here’s why. In the RV, I was frequently debating if I should leave the pavement, the lurking fear of needing to back down an off-camber dirt road ever present in…

Mink 2.0 Icelandic travel overland trailer

Featured Teardrop Trailer :: The Mink 2.0

Featured Teardrop Trailer :: The Mink 2.0 The Mink travel trailer is mildly reminiscent of a space ship escape pod, ready for a quick departure from urban environments to more rustic destinations. Founded in Iceland in 2015, Mink travel trailers are designed and constructed with a focus on minimalism, functionality, quality manufacturing, and robustness. At…

Best 4x4 campervan of 2020: Sportsmobile Classic 4x4

Best Campervans of 2020

Best Campervan of 2020 Best campervan of 2020: my head almost instantly began spinning when I tried to envision what my selection would be. Why the anxiety? Well, to begin with, there’s the challenge of distilling a huge amount of information into a digestible piece of writing for you, the reader. Campervan of the year…