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The Norweld Bull 79 Is in a Class of Its Own :: Featured Vehicle

The “Bull 79,” a 2020 Toyota 79 series dual cab, is Isaac Edmiston’s masterpiece. Isaac, the big chief of Norweld Australia, initially dedicated eight months to creating a vehicle that is as practical as it is visually stunning. While we often feature the creations of DIY overlanders making the most of their resources, the Bull 79 stands out thanks to Norweld’s expertise in producing robust aluminum utility trays and canopies. This vehicle is distinctive because it is continuously being updated, with three versions developed so far, serving as both a test vehicle and a dynamic showcase for Norweld.

Norweld Bull 79

Isaac emphasizes,

“It’s a test mule and rolling showcase for the business, so it’s always got something happening to it.”

As a result, the Bull 79 meets the highest quality standards without any compromises, and Isaac prefers to craft everything from scratch, like accessories, latches, ladders, or drawer slides, rather than using pre-made parts. He benefits from strong connections with some of the top outfitters and aftermarket producers in Australia and internationally. You will struggle to find a better-built vehicle on the trail today.

Dubbed the “Bull 79” – a moniker derived from Isaac’s penchant for calling everyone ‘bull’this 79 Series Toyota Land Cruiser reflects a distinct vision for overland travel and a very Australian vision it is. The journey from concept to reality began as an evolution from lessons learned from previous builds. It focused on meticulous planning and collaboration with industry experts, further setting it apart from the more typical budget-conscious, home-built, or over-built vehicles.

Norweld Bull 79

Essentially, the build’s goal was to create a self-sufficient overland vehicle that could accommodate a couple for up to seven days in the Outback. Adaptability is crucial, and the Bull 79 can either have a rooftop tent mounted on the canopy, or Isaac will break out his trusty swag or an Oz Tent for sleeping. The design also allows for the towing of a boat or the storage of kayaks and other gear on the roof. This vehicle is more of a weekend warrior than a long-term overland vehicle, but it can serve as both, depending on the setup and the explorer’s needs.

The Bull 79 integrates three main components: the enhanced Toyota 79 Series base vehicle with Multidrive 11.8-inches chassis extension (a very common mod in Australia for improved handling), a Norweld Compact Canopy, and a Norweld Elite Tray, offering a blend of storage solutions and utility enhancements. The Compact Canopy is designed to maximize space efficiently, featuring sealed doors for water and dust resistance, and is 240mm shorter than the tray. Keeping weight forward of the rear axle, the build balances weight evenly across both axles, thereby ensuring greater stability and handling on the road. The canopy includes a 13-gallon water tank, Expedition Essentials kitchen setup, integrated sliding trays, a table, shelves, lighting, a fridge/freezer, an exterior jerry can holder, a roof rack, and a spare tire carrier, all catering to Isaac’s specific needs.

Norweld Bull 79

On the technology front, the Bull 79 doesn’t disappoint. There are two Redarc TVMS (Total Vehicle Management System) Rogue RedVision systems, one neatly installed in the canopy and communicating with the primary system installed in the rear of the cab. This dual system signifies a leap in technological integration, managing the vehicle’s proprietary “Platinum” wiring system and ensuring that the Bull 79 remains self-sufficient during long off-grid adventures. It boasts two 200 amp-hour Redarc lithium batteries and a 2000-watt inverter, ensuring that all electronic needs are met, whether for a quick overnight stay or a week-long expedition.

The comprehensive electronic system runs automatically and is easy to monitor; as Isaac says,

“Yes, it is expensive, but it does the job for us.”

Supporting the Compact Canopy, the Elite Tray offers a robust drawer and storage system for tools and gear storage, emphasizing durability and functionality. The tray, which you can read more about here, is constructed with precision engineering and high-strength materials, which is apparent the more you study the construction. When not in use, the canopy can be removed from the tray, and the tray’s drop-down sideboards and tailgate may be reinstalled for general pick-up duties.

The visual transformation of the Bull 79 started with its color. Eschewing flashy hues for more earthy tones, the vehicle, which was white, now proudly wears a Jeep color known as “Gator,” echoing the “Anvil” color of its predecessor. This choice is indicative of the builder’s philosophy: to create something that stands out subtly. But looks are worth nothing if you do not have the capability; ask a bodybuilder in an MMA cage. The Bull 79 is, above all else, an overland and off-road machine.

Norweld Bull 79

The Land Cruiser’s 4.5L V8 Turbo Diesel engine underwent a significant performance upgrade. The enhancements include:

  • An advanced G350 turbo;
  • A high-performance intercooler from Diesel Power Unlimited;
  • Additional modifications aimed at optimizing power and efficiency.

These modifications include a G Turbo Power Pipe, Safari Armax Snorkel, and a custom exhaust system, complemented by specialized cooling solutions and precise engine tuning to enhance overall performance. These performance upgrades have been meticulously applied to ensure superior capability, reliability, and face-melting power. The motor pushes around 664 foot-pounds of torque at the wheels, providing a driving experience that’s exhilarating yet reliable. The combination of a powerful engine, portal axles, and an automatic gearbox makes the Bull 79 unstoppable on and off-road; we imagine that this vehicle would be the ultimate for desert and dune exploration as well as being more than capable in any environment. Did we mention that the Bull 79 has portal axles? Believe it or not, this engine is a detuned version of Issac’s previous vehicle; she must drink fuel like André the Giant drank beer.

The build also includes a custom-made Norweld grille, designed in collaboration with Rob at Outdrafty. This unique element, alongside other additions like the ARB Solas lights, ARB bumper, and Warn winch, adds a personalized touch to the Bull 79. Underneath, the vehicle is equipped with a Jmacx suspension, including the innovative Jmacx Alpha shocks, which offer in-cab adjustability for damping and rebounding. This feature, along with the 900 kilogram (1,984 pounds) constant springs, ensures that the Bull 79 is as capable as it is comfortable, regardless of the terrain. The vehicle’s off-road capabilities are further enhanced by features such as 37-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires and Maxtrax extreme recovery boards. These additions are not just functional but integrated in a way that visually complements the Bull 79’s overall design and purpose.

Norweld Bull 79In the cabin, no detail was overlooked. The integration of electronic drop-down side steps, two Recaro Specialist M seats, a roof console, an auto box floor console, and a custom stereo system add a layer of functional comfort. Additionally, the team added custom Norweld vinyl door cards that are more durable than the standard cloth-covered door cards, which is important because Isaac likes to spend his free time out fishing. The tech is subtly packed into the cab; the Redarc Revision display, a GME CB radio, and HEMA GPS are close at hand. Behind and under the backseat, Isaac’s team found a way to cram in the primary Redarc TVMS Rogue RedVision system, a 1,000-watt inverter, and a 100 amp-hour slimline battery from Enerdrive, the stereo and amplifier as well as the Jmacx Alpha Suspension control unit. There is no fear that the primary starting battery will drain with lights on and radio blaring while Isaac grills the day’s catch.

Norweld Bull 79

The Bull 79 is more than just a custom vehicle. It’s a testament to thoughtful design, technical innovation, and a deep understanding of what it takes to craft a premium overlanding machine that’s both thrilling to drive and reliable in the most demanding environments. It’s a vehicle built with no expense spared (we are afraid to ask precisely how much the build cost) that most of us can only dream of owning or driving, and it is built with a clear focus on performance rather than chrome and clickbait, and we appreciate that.

Bull 79 Specifications

2020 Toyota Landcruiser GXL 79 Series Dual Cab


  • 4.5-liter V8 turbo diesel
  • Tune by Power Torque Vic
  • G Turbo G350 – upgraded turbo
  • G Turbo power pipe
  • DPU top mount intercooler
  • Power Torque Vic Twin intercooler fans
  • Torquit 3.5-inch exhaust off the turbo
  • Power Torque Vic Boost and EGT gauges
  • Custom Remap by Steve Booth at Power Torque Vic
  • Fuel cooler on return lines
  • Marks 4WD catch can
  • Marks 4WD bonnet strut kit
  • Jmaxc upgraded 220 amp-hour alternator

Suspension and Drive

  • Wholesale Automatics 200 Series six-speed automatic conversion
  • Marks 4WD Portal System for 79 Series
  • Jmacx Suspension lift with 900-kilogram constant leaf springs in the rear
  • Jmacx Alpha Shocks with in-cab electronic adjustable rebound and dampening
  • Jmacx radius arms
  • Jmacx springs and coils
  • Jmacx bump stop spacers
  • Marks 4WD high clearance tow bar
  • Marks 4wd under bonnet protection
  • Multidrive 300-millimeter chassis extension

Wheels and Tires

  • 18-inch x 9 Roh Assault wheels
  • Nitto Ridge Grappler 37-inch/12.5/R18

Recovery and Armor

  • ATD Customs Apocalypse bull bar with twin side rails and Clearview electric power boards
  • Side Steps with Bull 79 cutouts
  • Warn Winch with Factor 55 accessories
  • Saber Hitch
  • ARB Solis LED spotlights
  • ARB base rack
  • ARB led lightbar for base rack
  • Maxtrax Extreme recovery boards
  • Maxtrax recovery kit


  • Recaro Specialist M seats
  • Roof console
  • Floor console to suit automatic transmission with scan gauge
  • Hema Hx 1 with K2C mount
  • Custom door card with Norweld logos
  • Speaker pods with Norweld custom aluminum grilles
  • Subwoofer box
  • Kenwood head unit
  • Cellfi Go mounted in the roof console
  • GME Xrs 330 radio
  • Upgraded interior lighting
  • Focal amp
  • Focal front 6.5 splits
  • Focal rear 6.5 coaxials
  • Focal 10-inch sub


  • 2 x Redarc 60 amp-hour Slim Line lithium battery
  • Redarc TVSM Redvision System
  • Redarc 1000-watt inverter


  • Full respray In Jeep Gator Brown with blackout handles and chrome delete
  • Norweld custom grille
  • Curt drop hitch
  • Safari Armax snorkel


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