Hard-Shell Rooftop Tents :: Buyers Guide

In recent years, hard-shell rooftop tents (RTTs) have gained significant popularity, and there are compelling reasons for this despite their generally higher cost compared to soft-shell models. While both have their respective pros and cons, hard-shell tents are generally more durable, streamlined, and practical for specific applications.

The practicality of a rooftop tent is evident not only in its ease of operation and use (hard-shell variants often open and close rapidly) but also in its construction. Robust materials such as fiberglass or aluminum make them more resistant to wear and tear when compared to their soft-shell counterparts. Hard-shell tents commonly offer options for storing lightweight gear and even solar panels on top of the shell, with the ability to attach tools like axes and shovels to the side of the tent frame.

Some may argue that hard-shell rooftop tents offer greater security when closed, as certain models can be locked. However, it’s worth noting that we’ve never encountered tampering with a closed tent in all our years of traveling with a rooftop tent.

Another practical advantage of hard-shell units is their resistance to precipitation, snow, and morning dew. They typically feature a waterproof and insulated shell, keeping occupants dry and comfortable. In contrast, moisture often needs to be removed from a soft-shell tent before it can be closed.

Hard-shell tents usually come with thicker mattresses and superior insulation, providing a more comfortable sleeping experience. On the other hand, soft-shell tents tend to be available in larger configurations, accommodating up to five people.

Overall, hard-shell tents boast sleek and modern designs, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your vehicle. Some models even include built-in ventilation and lighting systems catering to traveler’s preferences. In essence, the concept of the hard-shell rooftop tent was first produced in 1958. Still, there has been significant innovation in response to the growing popularity of overland travel in recent years.

So, when choosing between a hard-shell and a soft-shell rooftop tent, personal preferences play a crucial role. If you prioritize space over convenience, you might lean toward a larger, family-style, hard-shell tent, although these can be quite expensive and are considered a long-term investment. It’s important to note that hard-shell RTTs can occupy the entire roof space of a vehicle, whereas even a small rack on a soft-shell can carry a substantial amount of bulky yet lightweight gear. Herewith is the buyer’s guide. Happy shopping.

Tuff Stuff Alpine 61

The Tuff Stuff Alpine 61 hard-shell rooftop tent, distinctive for its dual-action opening roof, offers both a wedge and a full pop-up configuration. It’s easily set up in one minute and designed for durability, featuring antibacterial waterproof, high tear-resistance fabric with superior tensile strength. Its blackout-coated fabric allows for either an open, screened room with 360-degree visibility or a dark, private space. Surrounding T-slot rails support various accessories, including awnings and water supplies.

Removable window awnings, necessary mounting hardware, and brackets for up to 3.25-inch vehicle crossbars are provided. Inside, a 2.75-inch memory foam mattress, an angled telescoping ladder, and an optional interior LED light strip (USB power pack not included) ensure comfort. Available in 51-inch and 61-inch sizes, it’s adaptable and convenient for diverse camping needs. However, all of this innovation does come at the cost of weight, and the Tuff Stuff Alpine rooftop tent weighs a whopping 274 pounds. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $4,000 | tuffstuffoverland.com

The Bush Company TX27

The proudly South African TX27 hard-shell rooftop tent by the Bush Company is a double-action hard-shell RTT designed to redefine comfort and convenience with the ability to be set up and packed down in a mere 90 seconds. The tent spans a width of 1.4 meters and features a 310 grams-per-square-meter (gsm) double-skin canvas (+/-10%). It offers six doors/windows, providing nearly panoramic views and a generous five square meters of ventilation. Front, side, and rear rain flies are included for added protection, and there’s ample room to accommodate all your bedding needs.

The tent is constructed with an extruded aluminum frame, stainless steel fittings, and a telescopic ladder. A comfortable mattress, a rechargeable LED light, and twin CIG/USB sockets are also included. The tent comes with a 2.6-meter telescopic ladder, pre-mounted at the front of the tent. An additional ladder mount and universal fitting kit/brackets are provided as standard, and a range of brackets are available for fitting accessories designed to complement Bush Company tents and complete your touring setup. The TX27 is roughly the same weight as the Tuff Stuff Alpine rooftop tent but is significantly more expensive. Watch how to set up The Bush Company TX27 tent.

From $5,950 | thebushcompanyusa.com

Eezi-Awn Sword

The Sword, weighing in at 282 pounds, is rather large and bulky but thoughtfully designed, catering specifically to small families. With a larger-than-average footprint, it comfortably accommodates two adults and two children, and its innovative assembly features a one-piece hinge mechanism on the side, complemented by gas struts that facilitate the swift setup of the tent in seconds by a single person. A concealed platform unfolds, securely expanding the tent’s footprint over the vehicle’s side.

The tent’s walls are crafted from robust, rip-stop canvas, complete with double-entry privacy mesh panels. Both the roof and floor are insulated to ensure a comfortable night’s rest. The included ladder is conveniently stored beneath the tent for easy access. Additional amenities include an internal LED light, two storage pockets, a USB port, and a 70-millimeter, high-density, laminated mattress. The Eezi-Awn K9 track system is affixed to the top of the tent, ensuring compatibility with mounting various K9 accessories, load bars, and even a solar panel bracket. Watch how to set up Eezi-Awn Sword tent.

From $4,850 | equipt1.com

Eezi-Awn Sabre

The Sabre is designed for two individuals; engineered and crafted at the Eezi-Awn facility in South Africa, its compact size optimizes roof space on your vehicle, and weighs a mere 159 pounds. The Sabre features a one-piece hinge mechanism on the side, complemented by gas struts that simplify the tent setup. The tent walls are constructed from robust, rip-stop canvas, incorporating double-entry privacy mesh panels for added convenience. The roof and floor are insulated, ensuring a comfortable night’s rest.

The included ladder is conveniently stored beneath the tent, providing easy access. Additional amenities include an internal LED light, two storage pockets, a USB port, and a 70-millimeter, high-density, laminated mattress. The Eezi-Awn K9 track system is seamlessly attached to the top of the tent, offering compatibility for mounting various K9 accessories, load bars, and even a solar panel bracket. Watch how to set up Sabre tent.

From $4,400 | equipt1.com

iKamper Blue Dot Voyager (BDV) Duo

The BDV is an innovative, two-sleeper rooftop tent designed to revolutionize the camping experience. When you purchase this tent, you can opt for the DIY option, which allows you to save a few hundred bucks and assemble the tent at home. For those who prefer a ready-to-use option, the BDV will be available pre-assembled. Its ladder and wedge design, combined with generous windows on all sides, make it user-friendly to deploy and reconfigure. Flexibility is key, as you can position the ladder on the driver’s side, passenger side, or rear of the tent to suit your vehicle’s configuration.

The BDV Duo weighs 175 pounds, and the tent canvas is crafted from recycled polyester and organic cotton. Like all iKamper RTTs, the BDV has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand real-world conditions, including wind and water resistance and durability tests. You can quickly secure essentials such as traction boards with universal channel mounts on all sides, but, as with the Trustmade Triangle, the placement of the gas struts on the exterior shell may be of concern. You can read Scott Brady’s 2022 review of the iKamper BDV here. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $2,800 | ikamper.com


For over 75 years, Thule has been dedicated to crafting innovation. The Swedish company produces intelligent, fashionable products prioritizing environmental responsibility, exceptional quality, safety, and user-friendliness. Thule’s range of rooftop tents are made to an excellent standard, look great, and function excellently.

Thule Basin

The Thule Basin boasts auto-deployment, setting up in less than one minute, and combines the functionality of a RTT and a cargo carrier into one compact unit. A patented canopy zip system facilitates the conversion between a tent and a cargo carrier, and you can release both ends to open it as a rooftop tent. You can open one side to access your gear when used as a cargo carrier. The tent features an insulated roof to regulate inside temperature and reduce noise. The weather-resistant canopy is durable and breathable, with a canopy fabric made from 260 gsm cotton and polyester coated to a waterproof rating of 1,500 mm.

The Thule Basin includes a telescoping ladder that can be attached to either side for easy access and a foam mattress with a removable cover for added comfort during your camping adventures. The Thule Basin weighs 176 pounds with an impressive static weight capacity of 660 pounds; however, in our experience, this type of rooftop tent can best be described as claustrophobic for large people. Watch this video for an overview of the product.

From $3,000 | thule.com

Thule Basin Wedge

The Thule Basin Wedge is Thule’s quickest-to-deploy and most stable RTT, offering convenience and versatility. This hybrid system merges the functionality of a rooftop tent with that of a cargo carrier. Setting up the Thule Basin Wedge seems like a breeze, reputedly taking less than a minute, and its robust hard-shell exterior ensures it’s well-suited for challenging weather conditions. The Thule Basin Wedge can comfortably accommodate up to two people, and Thule claims that the tent can be easily converted into a spacious cargo carrier.

Additional features include an insulated roof to regulate the temperature inside the tent while reducing noise, and the weather-resistant canopy is durable and breathable; the tent comes complete with a telescoping ladder that can be attached to either side or the rear. The Thule Basin Wedge’s dry weight is 156 pounds and has a static weight capacity of 600 pounds. It is a simple, attractive, and functional tent, and it is safe to assume that the build quality will be excellent. Watch how to setup the Basin Wedge.

From $3,000 | thule.com

Trustmade Triangle

The Trustmade Triangle aluminum black hard-shell is one of the most affordable hard-shell rooftop tents we have found. The honeycomb aluminum shell and frame offer structural strength and rigidity, specially designed for extreme weather conditions while remaining lightweight at only 169 pounds. Notably, it boasts 100 percent waterproofing, breathability, UV resistance, and flame-retardant fabric materials. All windows are shielded by insect-proof netting, and inside, you’ll find a built-in mattress featuring a customized pad for optimal warmth retention and moisture resistance.

The package includes a 7.6-foot ladder, two detachable pockets, and an interior LED light for added convenience. Additionally, the tent incorporates ceiling and side wall storage nets. Trustmade Triangle’s black aluminum hard shell has apparently been rigorously tested to handle even the most rugged terrains and is compatible with nearly any vehicle equipped with the appropriate roof rack. However, the placement of the gas struts on the exterior of the tent shell may be of concern, particularly in dusty environments, and may be prone to damage on tight, wooded trails. Trustmade, based in Ontario, Canada, offers a range of hard-shell rooftop tents to suit various needs. Watch this video for a quick overview of the product.

From $2,200 | trust-made.com

23Zero Armadillo A2 and A3

The Armadillo A2 and A3 side-open, hard-shell rooftop tents are essentially identical, apart from the size, and are marketed as a fusion of innovation, adaptability, swiftness, and ruggedness. Constructed from robust aluminum, they offer spacious sleeping dimensions. The Armadillo A2 sleeps two and weighs 195 pounds, while the Armadillo A3 sleeps three and weighs 204 pounds. Crafted with durability in mind, these RTTs feature a 14-gauge fully welded aluminum hard shell. The design combines aesthetics with aerodynamics, showcasing a semi-textured high-gloss black finish. These tents are prepared to conquer challenging terrains, from deflecting low-hanging branches to cruising on high-speed roads while withstanding weather conditions, whether rain or shine.

A standout feature of these tents is 23Zero’s Light Suppression Technology (LST) fabric, a blend of UV treatment, and an advanced polyurethane coating. This cutting-edge technology keeps the interior up to 15 percent cooler and virtually eliminates light penetration. Inside the tent, you’ll find a 2-inch Rebound Foam Quilted Mattress, complemented by a breathable quilted poly topper in olive. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $3,500 | 23zero.com

Quick Pitch Hard-Shell Wedge

The Quick Pitch rooftop tent is a rugged hard-shell tent designed to be effortlessly mounted on various vehicles or SUVs. (We had the pleasure of mounting this tent on a Range Rover Classic for a month-long trip across the USA, and while the Range Rover often let us down, the Quick Pitch hard-shell wedge (with awning, canvas walls, and shower cubicle) never did. You can read our review of the Quick Pitch North America tent and accessories here.)

Crafted from premium extruded aluminum, this tent is crafted from premium canvas, enhancing its durability. Equipped with awnings on all sides, the Quick Pitch rooftop tent offers protection against rain and dew while providing ample shade to maintain a cool interior. Setting up the tent is a breeze, taking only seconds, and it can comfortably accommodate up to 88 pounds of roof load. Noteworthy features include a 12-volt outlet, two USB ports, an interior light, and convenient storage bags in the tent’s ceiling. The mattress is constructed from high-density foam, consisting of a 15-millimeter insulation layer underneath and high-density insulation in the roof. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $4,200 | quickpitchnorthamerica.com

Roofnest Condor 2

The new Condor 2 has undergone a comprehensive redesign, incorporating upgraded materials, a more robust construction, and a feature-rich interior. It is fair to state that this tent boasts a list of features more comprehensive than most RTTs included here, but with more features comes additional complexity. The Condor 2 offers a queen-sized sleeping area that unfolds from a compact footprint. The reinforced shell is coated with a rugged Line-X coating and offers the ability to mount optional crossbars; the interior has received substantial enhancements, including a dedicated interior duffel for sleeping bag storage and a 2-inch, one-piece true memory foam mattress for added comfort.

Notable upgrades from the previous iteration include two HVAC ports for heating or air-conditioning, three dimmable LEDs (for both interior and exterior illumination), a six-pocket gear grid, blackout tent material for enhanced privacy, updated three-way windows, and heavy-duty lockable latches. With a sleeping capacity for two to three individuals, the Condor 2 weighs in at 155 pounds. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $3,545 | roofnest.com

Overland Pros Baja Vertical Wedge

The Baja Vertical Wedge rooftop tent offers swift and effortless deployment with a quick opening and closing mechanism. The tent includes crossbars for load-carrying purposes, and it is available with optional 126- or 252-watt Sunflare solar panels. The tent’s construction comprises a 280 gsm poly-cotton rip-stop canvas and a thermally insulated aluminum tubular frame with a powder-coated aluminum top. An integrated rubber seal prevents water and dust intrusion, while gas struts assist with easy opening and closing.

The tent rests upon a robust powder-coated aluminum honeycomb base, which includes two integrated external mounting rails for straightforward attachment to vehicle roof racks. The interior vent can be sealed to retain heat in colder climates. Dual zipper cord access points are included for heater/air-conditioner ducts, and integrated shock cords aid in tent closure. The total weight of the tent, including the mattress and anti-condensation mat, is 175 pounds.

From $2,500 | overlandpros.com

Alu-Cab Gen 3-R Expedition

The 3-R Expedition boasts a contemporary design, a heater port, and a built-in input for solar panels; the tent features a broader and more spacious layout than previous models and a highly aerodynamic streamlined design.

During the development of the Expedition 3-R tent, the team prioritized comfort, convenience, and functionality. In terms of comfort, the tent is equipped with a 75mm high-density foam mattress, as well as reading lights and USB charging ports. The roof incorporates closed-cell foam lining for year-round insulation and storage pockets for keeping items like keys, books, and even shoes.

The designers ensured that the tent, itself weighing 167 pounds, can accommodate solar panels, mountain bikes, and other gear on its roof and, in total, can support up to 110 pounds. For added convenience, the tent features a rear awning cover to protect the rear door entrance from snow and rain. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $4,400 | ok4wd.com

Alu-Cab LT-50 Lightweight Tent

The LT-50 lightweight rooftop tent is an ultralight RTT; it deploys within seconds, offering the convenience of stowing your bedding inside, all while supporting a 66-pound load on top. A standout attribute of the Alu-Cab rooftop tent is its featherweight construction, equipped with a nut slot lid and base frame for the attachment of various accessories, including awnings, shower cubes, ladder brackets, and spades, among others. Its sleek, compact design reduces wind resistance during travel, and the tent itself weighs a mere 101 pounds, with the mattress adding an additional 10 pounds.

A variety of accessories are available for the LT-50 rooftop tent, (including accessories that are usually supplied standard with most other tents) along with a removable fly sheet/rain cover, a telescopic ladder designed with broad and angled rungs for added comfort when climbing into the tent barefoot, a ladder storage bracket, a ladder extension, a roof MOLLE plate, a wall mount designed specifically for the LT-50, tent to Alu-cab load bar mounting brackets, and universal LT-50 tent mounting brackets. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $2,700 | ok4wd.com

ARB Esperance

Twenty years ago, Australia-based ARB unveiled its inaugural rooftop tent, and the range has since earned a reputation for innovation and excellent build quality. The Esperance is a fusion between practicality and comfort while maintaining an efficient setup. It features a user-friendly clamshell design; it quickly deploys and folds down to a compact 13 inches high when closed. The Esperance weighs 123 pounds, and its hard shell exterior is aerodynamically designed to minimize drag.

The Esperance arrives with a telescopic ladder that neatly stows internally when the tent is packed away. Once set up, adventurers will find various features, including gas struts to smoothly open and close the tent, a star-gazing window for clear nights, two generously sized windows, and a removable rain fly to ensure optimal airflow. The 1.5-inch mattress sleeps two adults and one child (or two large adults), and the interior boasts practical storage pockets and a dimmable LED strip light with concealed wiring. Unfortunately, the ARB Esperance rooftop tent is not yet available in the USA. Watch this video for a thorough overview of the product.

From $2,000 | arb.com.au

Femkes Alu-Khosi

The Alu-Khosi is a hybrid rooftop tent constructed from waterproof aluminum, while the tent features a canvas blend of polyester and cotton with a waterproof and fire-retardant finish. The canopy consists of Oxford 210 denier material with a silver coating, ensuring a waterproof rating of 300 percent, which seems excessive but welcome. The self-supporting aluminum honeycomb bottom simplifies the mounting process on roof racks.

The tent incorporates a fixed awning (fly tarp) and an additional zip-on awning, extending the coverage the fixed awning provides. For storage, two “bags” can be conveniently slid into a rail beneath the tent, accommodating items such as shoes or camping gear. Additional features comprise a lamp hook, zippers for attaching the winter liner, a spacious door with an inner mosquito net, two windows featuring mosquito nets, a double mattress with a washable cotton cover, and storage compartments on both sides beneath the windows. The Alu-Khosi weighs 136 pounds and is currently only available in Europe. Watch how to set up the Alu-Khosi tent.

From $3,700 | femkesrooftoptents.com


If hard-shell tents don’t quite suit your preferences, or if you’re interested in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both types, take a moment to read our soft-shell rooftop tent buyer’s guide. Additionally, you can delve into Expedition Portal’s past rooftop tent buying guides and our informative article, “Rooftop Tent Skills—Buy, Bolt-on, and Bug Out”, for useful advice and insights.

The Resource List below makes mention of additional companies that offer rooftop tents that were not included in the above Buyers Guide:


With over 25 years of expertise, 23Zero is a trusted name in the outdoor gear industry, consistently delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their wealth of experience is a testament to their commitment to providing outdoor enthusiasts with reliable and affordable gear, ensuring that every adventure is backed by durability, innovation, and a quarter-century of expertise.

Area BFE Tents

Located in Moab, Utah, this company is tailored for the avid off-road enthusiast. Their tents boast a rugged, low-profile design capable of withstanding the harshest terrains. Additionally, they offer a range of products, including awnings, shower tents, fridges, battery boxes, and various accessories.

Artemis Overland Hardware

Artemis has curated the finest adventure gear in one place. Stockists of James Baroud, Howling Moon, Front Runner, Roofnest, RSI, and the Bush Company tents, as well as a full range of camp gear and vehicle accessories.


The first rooftop tents in the world—designed, patented, and produced.

Since 1958, Autohome has manufactured a range of rooftop tents and accessories and boasts an official Land Rover-branded RTT.

Badass Tents

Founded in 2020, Badass Tents (BA Tents) offers a range of universal and vehicle-specific rooftop tents, field-tested under real-life scenarios in the mountains, desert, and at the beach near the company’s San Diego, California, headquarters.

Body Armor

After almost two decades, what started as a Jeep-only bumper brand has evolved into an accessory brand that has expanded its products, ranging from rooftop tents to exterior armor, racks, interior storage, trail accessories, suspension, and more.


Bundutec is a South African company specializing in innovative camping gear designed for ease and convenience in the great outdoors. Their product range includes the unique BunduTop rooftop tent, offering 360° access and views, alongside a variety of awnings, suites, and annexes to enhance outdoor experiences with comfort and privacy.

Cascadia Tents CVT

CVT is a home-grown family business that strives to bring the best rooftop tents to everyone passionate about the outdoors. Based in Oregon with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Kaysville, Utah, CVT supplies tents, racks, awnings, and accessories.

Crua Outdoors

Founded in 2015, Crua offers the Aer Maxx soft shell rooftop tent, as well as hiking, family, insulated and refurbished tents as well as a range of camping gear. The Crua headquarters are located in Kerry, Ireland, and there are satellite offices in Kyle, Texas, and Peckham Bush, United Kingdom.

Desert Armor

Desert Armor, headquartered in Arizona, provides high-quality rooftop tents and off-highway vehicle (OHV) gear. They are also the proud creators of the patented Doggo RTT Ramp. The company offers LED lights and accessories, off-road gear, and RTT accessories.


New to the rooftop tent market with the inflatable TRT 140 Air, Dometic is a global company with a long history of creating market-leading products for outdoor, home, and professional use. With nearly 40,000 resellers and repair shops worldwide, Dometic offers an extensive catalog of innovative, premium outdoor products.

Equipt Expedition Outfitters

Equipt is a one-stop shop for all overland and expedition-related equipment, in addition to a range of soft and hard shell rooftop tents. More than a decade ago, Equipt became the first American company to import high-quality vehicle expedition equipment from across the globe. Equipt is the exclusive US distributor for all Eezi-Awn, National Luna, AluBox, and Escape Gear.

Feldon Shelter

Rooftop solutions that are as good-looking as they are innovative and functional, Feldon Shelter claims to be New Zealand’s premium supplier of outdoor lifestyle products. The company supplies a range of hard and soft shell rooftop tents and canvas products.

Front Runner

Front Runner produces a range of rooftop tents at their manufacturing facility outside Johannesburg, South Africa, and features in-house laser cutting, bending, and powder coating. In addition to a range of tents, Front Runner manufactures an extensive range of roof racks, water tanks, awnings, drawer systems, and camping accessories. Dometic acquired Front Runner in May 2021.

Freespirit Recreation

Founded in Bend, Oregon, in 2014, Freespirit Recreation employs high-quality material to create all-season, user-friendly products. The company offers hard-shell rooftop tents, awnings, ground tents, camping gear, and camp lights. The Freespirit website provides a handy 3D tent fitter.

Go Fast Campers

Go Fast Campers is a Montana-based manufacturer of recreational and automotive products who, in addition to manufacturing the Platform rooftop tent, also specialize in truck campers, and accessories such as the Platform Camper, Platform Topper, and the Chase Frame for pickup trucks.

Hutch Tents

Hutch Tents fit seamlessly on conventional trucks, SUVs, and hybrid crossovers. Hutch Tents also supplies awnings, shower cubicles, a range of truck bed racks, and an adventure trailer rack from their warehouse based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Intrepid Camp Gear

Intrepid manufactures the innovative Geo 2.5 rooftop tent and offers a select range of RTT accessories and camp gear including a compact camp chair, a wall organizer, and a shoe bag storage system. The Intrepid Camp Gear showroom is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Ironman 4X4

In 2004, the Ironman 4×4 range of products expanded to include a range of rooftop tents, that now includes soft and hard shell tents. The company has stockists throughout the USA and also offers winches, recovery equipment, protective bars, canopies, lighting, and electrical upgrades.

James Baroud

Established in Porto, Portugal, James Baroud has refined rooftop tent design since 1998. The company offers two hard-shell rooftop tents, a soft-shell rooftop tent, and a range of accessories, including insulation kits, gear bags, and even a BBQ. James Baroud tents are available from Evergreen Offroad and other US-based distributors.


Napier has been offering truck and SUV tents for over 30 years and has a range of roof tents, ground tents, car and SUV awnings, accessories, and spare tent parts. Napier products are available from distributors in the US and Canada.

Open Road Overland

Open Road Overland, based in Wilmington, Delaware, offers a range of hard- and soft-shell tents, annexes, awnings, and bed racks (for the Toyota Tacoma). The roof tent includes two-, three-, four-, and even five-person tents.

Overland Vehicle Systems

Overland Vehicle Systems stocks a comprehensive catalog of overland gear from rooftop tents to bed racks, storage solutions, lighting, Jeep accessories, and a full range of camp gear. Rooftop tent shipping is free to the Lower 48 at the date of publishing.


Pittman Products International, based in Placentia, California, is originally an innovator in the air mattress industry that has expanded its range to include five rooftop tents, including both soft and hard shell tents. The Pittman range also includes truck bed tents, awnings, and coolers.


Redtail follows a high-end, slow-craft approach with fair wages and ethical manufacturing; every Skyloft rooftop tent is handmade by a small team in Longmont, Colorado, and availability is extremely limited. Expect to pay between $ 20,000 to $25,000 for a Redtail Skyloft rooftop tent.

Roam Adventure Co

Roam is an outfitter of adventure equipment based in Austin, Texas, and their range includes hard- and soft-shell rooftop tents and accessories, awnings, cases, coolers, and outdoor gear. Roam products are available from retailers across the US and western Canada.

Rough Country

Rough Country retails a soft and a hard shell rooftop tent and is a distributor of off-road accessories and suspension systems. Rooted in Tennessee, Rough Country stocks a wide range of overland-related products.

Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge, established in 2005, has designed and manufactured over 3,000 products for the Jeep market and continues to develop hundreds of additional Jeep parts each year. To say that the Rugged Ridge catalog is extensive is an understatement.


Smittybilt, Inc. offers a limited range of soft and hard shell rooftop tents as well as bumpers, armor, recovery accessories, trail gear, and overlanding equipment. The engineering team at Smittybilt designs and develops these products in their R&D and Manufacturing facilities in Southern California.


Tentrax offers a soft-shell rooftop tent and a wedge-style, hard-shell rooftop tent. The company claims to build the toughest, lightest, most off-road capable camping and overlanding trailers in the USA. Based in Asheville, NC. Tentrax also supplies camping gear and Jeep parts.

The Bush Company

The Bush Company, based in Chandler, AZ boasts South African heritage and promises high quality, practicality, and durability at the core of all its 4WD and Outdoor products. The range includes four rooftop tents, tent accessories, awnings, outdoor and camping gear, and 4WD accessories.


Thule, established in 1942 by the Swedish outdoor enthusiast Erik Thulin, has become synonymous with crafting stylish, high-quality, and innovative outdoor gear. Their rooftop tents, available in both soft and hard shell variants, can seamlessly integrate with Thule’s iconic roof racks, providing outdoor enthusiasts with an affordable and reliable solution for elevated camping experiences.

Treeline Outdoors

Established in 2013 by a group of outdoorsmen and adventurers from Alberta, Canada-based Treeline Outdoors stocks rooftop tents, bush tools, camping gear, and a well-priced adventure trailer (such as the Sherpa for $11,800 at the time of publishing).


Trustmade, based in Ontario, Canada, takes pride in designing soft-shell rooftop tents, hard-shell rooftop tents, and car camping gear. The Canadian company also offers roof racks, pick-up tonneau covers ( FYI, tonneau is a French word referring to a barrel or cask used in winemaking), roof racks, electric scooters, and electric bikes.

Tuff Stuff Overland

Tuff Stuff offers an extensive range of soft and hard-shell rooftop tents, accessories, annexes, and awnings. Tuff Stuff products were born out of demand for quality overland, off-road recovery gear, lighting, winches, and bumpers at affordable prices. The company is based in Ontario, CA, with dealers across the US.


Based in the Pacific Northwest for nearly four decades, the Yakima “Base Camp” range includes three rooftop tents, awnings, a road shower range, camp kitchen solutions, and tent accessories. Yakima manufactures and distributes an extensive range of vehicle products, specializing in cargo and storage systems.

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