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The Arkto Camper G12 Offers Space for the Whole Family and Their Gear

Australia has been a leading force in the travel trailer industry, known for its durable, appealing, and innovative designs tailored for the Outback. However, North American consumers encounter challenges due to the considerable distance from Australia, which significantly increases shipping costs and complicates the availability of spare parts, repair services, and warranty claims. Although North America has numerous off-road travel trailer producers, their products often cater to extremes in size, leaving a gap for mid-sized options suitable for adventurous individuals or families seeking a balance between compactness and spaciousness.

Arkto Campers, a Canadian manufacturer, is seeking to knock the Aussies off their throne while redefining the overland and off-road adventure experience with its latest offering, the Arkto G12 hybrid trailer. Designed and developed for the rugged outdoors, the G12 seamlessly blends the comfort of a camper with the versatility of a trailer with a heated indoor living space (it is Canadian, after all) and a luxurious outdoor kitchen.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Arkto G12 features a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame designed for a lifespan of 75 years, an essential feature for those who often travel salted and wet roads. The trailer’s running gear is equally impressive, boasting a Timbren axle-less HD suspension with a 4-inch lift, 285/70/R17 AT tires with 17-inch alloy wheels with a full-size spare attached to the rear of the trailer, and electric brakes, ensuring it can handle most challenging terrains.

One of the G12’s most notable features is its composite body construction with an R7 insulation rating, complemented by aluminum exterior trim and a front tread plate with a textured powder coat. This not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its durability. The pop-up roof feature, a hallmark of Arkto Campers’ design, increases headroom and ventilation, contributing to a more spacious and comfortable interior. For those who intend to travel in winter, there is also insulated canvas available for the pop top that will not only help moderate the temperature of the camper but also deaden outside sound.

The interior of the G12 is designed to accommodate up to four occupants, with a residential queen bed, a bench/bed, and a connecting seat/bench bed, making it ideal for family adventures. The L-shaped connecting seat/bench bed may lead to nightly battles between tall kids or travel companions as they either have to sleep feet to feet, head to feet, or head to head. Mom and Dad not only have a spacious queen-sized bed but also a full-length bedside cubby that offers storage space and a furnace vent that can feed warm air directly under the covers.

The interior of the camper is outfitted with aluminum cabinetry, providing an exceptional amount of storage space, potentially exceeding the gear one might have to store. Arkto Campers ensures the G12 comes well-equipped with modern amenities, including the Redarc RedVision system for integrated smart battery management. This system features a user-friendly display unit with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for remote monitoring. It encompasses a TVMS Rogue Distribution Module, Manager30 for thorough battery management, and an MPPT solar charge controller. This setup facilitates efficient solar charging via an external SAE port and supports DCDC charging up to 30 amps, optimizing energy management for off-grid living.

For those seeking to maximize their solar energy capabilities, optional upgrades are available, such as lithium iron phosphate batteries and portable solar panel suitcases. The camper also offers the possibility to enhance solar utilization with the Redarc BCDC 25-amp charger, especially for those selecting the 600-watt roof solar option. This configuration allows for the connection of up to 600 watts of solar panels on the roof and an additional 600 watts through the SAE port on the driver’s side of the trailer. An Anderson plug port is conveniently located at the front of the trailer, near the bike rack mount in the treadplate area, enabling a 30-amp charge while towing, further enhancing the camper’s off-grid capabilities.

Additional features include a large window with a bug screen and blackout blind, LED lighting, and numerous USB and charging ports throughout the camper.

A portable toilet is accessible from inside and outside the camper, a shower cubicle is located at the rear of the camper beside the spare wheel, and hot and cold water is available via an access hatch. The porta potty can be relocated to the rear shower cubicle and secured with custom 3D printed brackets that slide into slots of the toilet and pin it down but still allow you to access it in the shower enclosure.

The design philosophy of this camper heavily emphasizes the importance of outdoor living, making it a fundamental part of its overall concept. Along with the outdoor shower, there is a 270-degree awning that provides a large covered outdoor living area. A rain gutter has been installed between the awning and the kitchen sidewall to collect rainwater. This addition addresses the issue of water dripping down the side, which was particularly bothersome during cooking in the rain. The outdoor cooking area of the G12 includes a slide-out kitchen with a dual burner propane stove, a stainless steel sink, integrated drawers, and a sizeable outdoor pantry and drop-down table built into the side of the trailer aft of the door and above the slide-out kitchen. The entrance door features an additional reinforced mesh door and a 75-liter 12-volt dual zone fridge/freezer, which rests on a slide-out that can accommodate extra gear.

The G12, as mentioned previously, does not lack internal storage areas, and the exterior offers many voluminous storage areas, more than enough for all your camping and outdoor gear; there is even a built-in hitch on the trailer tongue to accommodate a bicycle carrier.

Priced at $50,000 (CAD 67,500), the Arkto G12 seems an excellent value proposition considering the attractive and practical design and the comparative cost of similar campers.


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