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The Compact Sportcaravan Cube 1 Trailer is Lightweight, Affordable, and Innovative

A problem many long-term travelers face is that a conventional rooftop tent and drawer system eventually becomes uncomfortable for life on the road, especially if you choose to explore as a family. One solution is to purchase or build a capable live-in camper. While perhaps preferable for extended travel, this solution is often quite expensive, and money poured into the camper could be spent on the journey. Trailers are another option but are only sometimes ideal as they are usually cumbersome and add a layer of complexity to everyday travel. However, a trailer works well as a base camp and frees the vehicle for exploration.

Sportcaravan is an award-winning German-based company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative, compact, and versatile caravans, with a focus on catering to the needs of outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. The company’s flagship products include the Cube 1, Cube 2, and Cube 5 trailers, each designed with specific features and capabilities to suit different user needs; the Cube 2 and 5 are multi-purpose, live-on/live-in toy haulers.

The Cube 1 may well be an affordable, compact solution for those looking to travel with a trailer, alone or with rugrats. Some might consider it a tad claustrophobic, but the goal of traveling into the great outdoors is to be outdoors, after all. Cube 1 has a bed area measuring 2.05 meters by 1.3 meters, including storage compartments and ventilation underneath. The mattress is made of memory foam with reversible cushions. A hatch allows access to a conventional rooftop tent, enabling the trailer to sleep four. The interior also includes a 2-door hanging cabinet, three powder-coated aluminum storage shelves, a storage pocket on the door, a stainless steel 4-hook strip on the door, three airline rails with five hooks, and a black matte wall panel at the head end with a storage pocket, and LED lighting.

Designed for year-round camping, the Cube 1 features full insulation, a heater, and winter readiness, ensuring that users can enjoy camping in various weather conditions. This level of insulation provides enhanced comfort and extends the usability of the caravan across different seasons.

The Cube 1 measures approximately 10.6 feet in length, 6 feet in width, and 5.5 feet in height. Inside, it provides a floor space of about 6.8 feet by 4.3 feet, with a height of 3.1 feet. The little ones may be able to stand upright inside, but Mom and Dad will be bumping their brains. The caravan’s total allowable rolling weight is roughly 1,653 pounds (due to the standard AL-KO axle, which can be upgraded to a 2,755-pound axle), while its unladen weight stands at a mere 705 pounds. This minimal weight and compact stature allow the Cube 1 to be easily towed by small cars or electric vehicles and to fit into standard or underground parking spaces, thus increasing its attractiveness to those living in or traveling to urban areas. The low weight and minimal dimensions will also be an advantage on the trail.

The Cube 1 includes two steel wheels with a load capacity of 950 kilograms each, a ball head coupling, a support wheel, two sliding supports, two wheel chocks, two maneuvering handles, a step loop, and two LED lighting units with LED position lights. The Cube 1’s structure comprises a fully insulated sandwich polyester construction with a total thickness of 30 mm, offering increased protection against hail and a self-supporting design. The caravan features two windows complete with blackout and fly screens and a Dometic roof dome with similar features. A rear side hatch houses a slide-out tray that can accommodate a power bank or kitchen essentials such as a stove. Forced ventilation is provided through a mushroom ventilator in the roof and a slatted ventilator in the rear.

The Cube 1’s starting price is $14,000, and a host of upgrades are available, including shower, toilet, and kitchen options. Unfortunately, for those based in North America, the Cube 1 is currently only available in Europe.


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