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72 Hours of Adventure in Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego. The very name conjures up images of great 16th-century explorers, precariously navigating their tall ships through the iceberg-filled archipelago. These days, the exploration vehicle of choice is a 4×4, as apart from National Route 3, you will find no paved roads here. It’s wild, rugged, and remote. Just how the end of…

Overland Commute: UK to Mali

I’ve always regarded blogs as harbouring the sort of self-indulgent small talk which bores us all; inane, desultory, mini-updates neither telling a story nor addressing a point. An incoherent musing of one’s day-to-day life written by those who seem to have overlooked the stories that readers might actually want to hear. So, it came as…

Solo en Baja

I had never been to Mexico prior to this trip. Also, being Swedish meant that my Spanish was pretty much non-existent. That wasn’t going to stop me. I could not have been more excited about my solo road trip to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. I had been planning it for quite some time. What…