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Thanksgiving Overland Gift Guide

As the holiday season quickly approaches, now is the time to brainstorm gift ideas for your friends, family, and loved ones. The Expedition Portal team has put together this list of overland gifts for the adventure motorcyclist, bikepacker, 4WD enthusiast, overlander, and those who love experiences over things. From memberships to camp kitchen gear, you’re sure to find something worth gifting this holiday season.

Overland Journal Thanksgiving Promotion

Photo by Jack Mac

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For the Adventure Motorcyclist

GS Giants Membership

For $10 a year, you can offer the GS rider in your life a membership in the not-for-profit global group GS Giants. This valuable adventure group is created for people who love exploring the world on their adventure bikes. Get expert advice on adventure subjects, join online chats and forums, and sign up for thrilling rides with other adventure riders. Membership comes with a club sticker, eligibility to win great prizes, notifications for rides and other events, access to an international interactive map connecting to other GS riders, a membership card, and access to the smartphone app and special clothing offers. The group’s newest riding jersey is a lightweight polyester blend and is offered to members only. (MT)

$75 | gsgiants.com

Primus Lite Plus Backpacking Stove

The Primus Lite Plus Stove is the perfect gift for your motorcycle or hiking adventurer. Created for backpackers, this lightweight stove requires only a 3.5-ounce gas canister and boasts cool accessories like a French press option that delivers a sense of comfort in harsh outdoor spaces. It holds .05 liters of fluid and heats food and drink for one to two people. The stove offers an integrated heat transfer system and windshield, making hot food and drink preparation a little easier for those seeking a more minimalist style of travel. Considering this unit runs 80 percent more efficiently than conventional camping stoves, the Lite Plus has quickly become my go-to cooking accessory in the outback. (MT)

$120 | primus.us

Scottoiler xSystem 2.0 Electronic Chain Oiler

I saw this electronic chain oiler system on a friend’s Africa Twin, and I’ve been green with envy ever since. This product has to be the most user-friendly chain oiler on the market, and with chains needing maintenance about every 300 to 500 miles, cleaning and lubricating can be time-consuming. This product is compact and easy to install, taking the hassle out of chain maintenance. Plus, it prolongs the life of your chain and sprocket. Connecting straight to your battery, this oiler features 15 different flow rates for precise lubrication. Unlike traditional chain lube, this spray isn’t sticky or tacky, so it won’t pick up road grime and turn it into the black paste that destroys our chains. (MT)

$260 | scottoiler.com


Created by the popular UkoalaBag company, which started in 2013, BulbagUSA rose to high popularity among concealed carry accessories in 2022. The multi-pocketed pouch bag has become a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts because of its ability to carry a wide variety of essentials while being effortlessly strapped to the hip of its wearer. Billed as “The best little bag on the planet … that just got a little more than a little better,” the bag is created from 1,000 denier American-made Cordura nylon and offers 10 pockets for varying items. The company also makes custom holsters in Kydex or Boltaron that attach effortlessly inside the bag. It’s perfect for the busy adventurer in your life. (MT)

$349 | bulbag.com

For the Bikepacker

Ron’s Bikes LaRon’s Branded Buckskin Gloves

The bikepacking aficionados among you will no doubt be familiar with the adventures of Ronnie Romance and his companies Ron’s Bikes, Nutmeg Needleworks Co, and Ultradynamico Tires. Mr. Romance has an uncanny ability to create highly functional bike products with style and soul, and his branded MidWest Buckskin gloves are no different. I’ve been using these for a few months now, and it’s remarkable that such a thin layer of leather provides such effective protection from the elements. I would recommend sizing up for a relaxed fit, allowing space for a merino liner for extreme cold. It’s worth noting these are durable multi-purpose gloves and not cycling-specific, which means they’re also suitable for hiking, yard work, overlanding, and general daily use. (JM)

$45 | ronsbikes.com

Nittany Mountain Works Half Sack Hip Sack


On rides, you always need a few items close to hand on and off the bike. In the past, I packed these essentials in a small rucksack, which would inevitably result in discomfort and a sweaty back. Hip packs don’t offer quite the same capacity, but that’s where the drawbacks end. As the name suggests, they sit on your hip, so there’s little to no impact on your body while providing unparalleled quick access to essentials. The Nittany Mountain Works half sack hip sack features horizontal daisy chain webbing for adding LED lights and accessories, a front zippered pocket, grab handles, and a mesh panel that keeps your back cool. It also incorporates a wide waist strap that is ultra-comfortable and does a great job dispersing weight around your hips. (JM)

$48 | nittanymountainworks.com

Big Agnes Q-Core Deluxe Sleeping Pad

A good night’s sleep is essential for daily life, but even more so for adventure. I can honestly say that the Q-Core Deluxe was a watershed moment because I had no idea that sleeping outdoors could be so comfortable. This three-season pad weighs just 25 ounces and utilizes proprietary offset I-Beam construction to reduce weight and provide consistent stability and comfort. It integrates a quilted two-way stretch top for a cushioned pillow-soft and super-quiet sleeping surface, while larger outer chambers cradle you in the middle of the pad. Setup couldn’t be easier thanks to high-volume valves and included upcycled inflation sack. The Q-Core comes in a protective bag that stores a replacement valve seal and 3M repair patches to ensure you’re never caught out in the field. (JM)

$170 | bigagnes.com

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

When it comes to travel, I’m no stranger to roughing it and will routinely embrace discomfort as part of the adventure. However, as I’ve grown older and somewhat wiser (debatable), I’ve realized that some of my suffering was unnecessary. For many years I utilized a dry bag stuffed with clothes to rest my head rather than buying an inflatable cushion. The Aeros Premium pillow made me realize what a fool I’d been. It weighs 2.8 ounces, inflates in a couple of breaths, and provides plush all-night comfort. Additionally, it incorporates curved internal baffles that cradle your head, a scalloped bottom edge that centers the pillow around your shoulders, and a soft brushed 50 denier polyester knit. If you’re looking for an inflatable pillow that provides maximum comfort in the smallest possible package, look no further. (JM)

$45 | seatosummit.com

For the 4WD Enthusiast

Canada Goose Expedition Heritage Parka

The Canada Goose parka is the extreme cold weather parka of choice for Arctic and Antarctic explorers and was specifically developed for scientists working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. This jacket is packed with responsibly sourced duck down, a formable and removable fur hood liner, a fleece-lined chin guard, six large exterior pockets and two large interior pockets, a two-way zipper with a storm flap, and a drawcord waist for better fit and heat retention. According to Canada Goose, the fur utilized in this parka is either reclaimed (reused), or responsibly sourced from wild North American coyotes, as fur is the most efficient material available for extreme weather protection. Some products are made to last a lifetime, while others are designed to save your life—this jacket ticks both boxes. (GB)

$1,700 | canadagoose.com

Front Runner Potjie Pot (Dutch Oven) and Carrier


South African overlanders, when asked, will tell you that camp cooking revolves around two concepts: the braai (pronounced brreye with rolling rrr’s) and the potjie (poy-kee). Both cooking styles require fires and coals, which burn at different temperatures. A braai typically refers to a variety of meat grilled on a grill over many coals, and a potjie refers to stews cooked long and slow on a few coals. The potjie is ideal for cool afternoons and cold nights beside the fire, cooking near unlimited combinations of food and bread. This potjie pot has a volume of roughly two gallons and can serve four to six people, and the off-road tough bracket combo bolts quickly and easily onto any Front Runner Rack Tray but is likely adaptable for other roof racks. (GB)

$200 | frontrunneroutfitters.com

Leatherman Free P4 Multi-Tool

A constant companion through the depths of winter tundra and the stifling heat of tropical jungles, the Leatherman is a non-negotiable companion for any long-distance, off-grid traveler. The Wave has been our go-to multi-tool for 12 years, but the Free P4 is tempting. With a contemporary but recognizable design and packed with 21 tools, the Free P4 includes two types of pliers, two knives, a saw, a can opener, a package opener, awl, pry tool, four screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a file, two types of replaceable wire cutters, and a sheath. Accessories include five types of sheath and lanyard ring/pocket clips. All Leatherman products come with a 25-year warranty which, in our experience, is honored without question. (GB)

$150 | leatherman.com

Stanley Adventure All-in-One Boil and Brew French Press

We have tested a variety of coffee makers over the years, and this is the only potential rival to the coffee throne, which has been dominated for decades by the Moka Pot. The Stanley Boil and Brew French press is practical, affordable, and constructed of stainless steel. With a volume of 32 ounces, you can brew enough coffee for yourself and a few friends or fill a thermos to keep you going through. Of course, you could also use this as a stand-alone kettle—the duality of use is always appealing. The package includes an integrated pot, a French press, and a locking pot handle. Reviews on the Stanley website are overwhelmingly positive, and the product boasts a lifetime warranty. (GB)

$26 | stanley1913.com

For the Overlander

Duer Performance Denim Pants


I’ve been wearing Duer jeans every day since I got a pair last fall, and I often forget I’m wearing them until I get another compliment. A strong candidate for the only pair of jeans you’ll ever wear, they look great and stretch enough to do yoga or take on any trail. Duer pants insulate against chilly weather but are also exceptionally breathable when the mercury rises; plus, they’re made with antimicrobial fibers, so you don’t need to wash them often, making them perfect for those long days on the road. Available in various colors and cuts, there are options for everyone. (SS)

$139 | shopduer.com

Knog PWR 10-Watt Solar Panel


For the light-traveling overlander in your life, consider this high-powered solar panel from Knog. The rugged 10-watt solar panel is made with Sunpower Maxeon Gen 5 panels featuring monocrystalline cells and coated with ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, an industrial coating that protects from heat, water, salt, oil, and dirt. It weighs less than 16 ounces and, when not in use, uses well-placed magnets to fold to the size of a small paperback book. Finally, it has a single USB-A output (but no built-in battery pack) to charge a battery pack or small electronic devices. This offering from Knog stands out for its quality in a sea of cheap, inefficient portable solar panels. (SS)

$99 | knog.com

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKPro


As the days get shorter and colder, everyone enjoys hot drinks. An updated take on the classic thermos, this double-walled stainless steel bottle features an innovative lid that requires a half-turn to activate the pour-through functionality. Since you aren’t fully opening the mouth of the bottle, this means your drinks stay warmer for longer to keep those cold nights by the fire cheery. The vacuum insulation keeps beverages hot for over 24 hours and cold drinks cold for more than three days. The insulated TKPro has an integrated double-walled 10-ounce cup that threads onto the top, so you always have one handy. (SS)

$50 | kleankanteen.com

Gaia GPS Premium Subscription


Everyone who ventures into the backcountry needs a good mapping app. Gaia GPS has become my favorite over the last few years. Its user-friendly interface, route planning capabilities, and endless map layers are unparalleled in the field of backcountry navigation apps. This year, Gaia launched their Gaia Overland map layer, which displays road surfaces, trails, public land boundaries, and plenty of other information relevant to overlanders, all on one map. You can download an area you plan to go to in advance and view it with your phone in airplane mode when you venture beyond the reach of a cell signal. Gaia also has an excellent desktop interface, so you can plan routes in advance on a bigger screen that will automatically sync to your phone. (SS)

$40 | gaiagps.com

For Those Who Enjoy Experiences Over Things

Banff Center Mountain Film Festival World Tour Tickets


There is one experience that I truly look forward to during the holiday season: getting jazzed up, exhilarated, and inspired by watching compelling, heartfelt, and adrenaline-pumping films at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. My family members have implemented a fulfilling tradition involving imbibing an overpriced glass of wine, settling into the seats in my hometown’s community theater, and enjoying a variety skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, expedition, and travel films guaranteed to melt the hearts of even the most grinchiest of grinches. The world tour launches on December 1 in Canada, the US, and 40 other countries. Check out the 2022 film lineup at the Banff Centre website. (AG)

Ticket prices vary per venue | banffcentre.ca

Online Introduction to Nature Journaling Class with Roseann Hanson


Roseann Hanson founded the Field Arts Institute, which offers workshops and overland trips incorporating sketching, cartography, wildlife tracking, and nature journaling. Hanson defines nature journaling as “the art of seeing and recording the world around you,” which can deepen your connections to the natural world. This multi-part video workshop includes simple tools to get you started and the basics of nature journal entries, such as types of data and how to record them, honing observational skills, and how to move past fearing the blank page. We could all use help in the observation department as the world moves faster and faster around us—plus, taking a look at Hanson’s journal pages is a delight in itself. (AG)

$35/rent, $95/buy | exploringoverland.com

2023 America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Annual Pass


America’s national parks are some of the most incredible in the world, making them bucket list destinations in their own right. The annual America the Beautiful pass covers entrance fees at national parks if that’s your thing, but it also includes national wildlife refuges and day-use fees at national forests, grasslands, and lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Army Corps of Engineers for those looking for a quieter experience. Children aged 15 or under are admitted for free, as are military members and their dependents (see the Military Annual and Lifetime Passes for more).

I see you, Canadian readers! To the north, the Parks Canada Discovery Pass covers admission to more than 80 destinations for 12 months—handy for Canadians and those visiting in 2023. (AG)

$80 | nps.gov

Babbel Language App Subscription


Prevent feeling like a deer in the headlights by brushing up on your language skills before (or during) your next great adventure. If you aren’t a polyglot, a new language requires commitment, time, and consistency to wrap your tongue around a new dialect. Fortunately, apps like Babbel make picking up new words easier than ever. The Babbel Method includes app-based lessons created by a team of expert language teachers and caters to all types of learners with original podcasts, games, and videos. Language offerings include a generous smattering, from Spanish to French, Russian, Danish, and Turkish, but if you’re looking for Arabic or Mandarin, you’ll have to head somewhere else. (AG)

$14/one month, $30/three months, $84/yearly | babbel.com

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