Brat Class 2 E-bike Coming from Volcon

Volcon Brat debut

Volcon ePowersports, the first company to make all-electric off-road powersports machines, announces a new Class 2 electric bicycle they call the Brat. The single-syllable moniker follows the lead of their Stag UTV, and the fat-tired, two-wheeled, go-most-anywhere Volcon Grunt, reviewed by Scott Brady.

Volcon states the Brat is built “for any adventure, on or off road.” To back up that claim, they point to the the bike’s motorcycle design elements. In particular, the exo-arch frame borrowed from the Stag and Grunt. A little downsizing made the same structure fit a small bicycle-sized machine weighing 86 pounds.

Brat: Ready for Fun

Straddle the Brat and find 4 ride modes at your fingertips. Mode 1 provides minimal assistance from the motor while you pedal. Notch it up to Mode 4 to unleash the rear-hub motor’s full 750 watts (1 horsepower)—enough to power the Brat up to 28mph at full throttle (with off-road mode unlocked). The drain on the 48-volt, 750 watt-hour battery increases as the assist climbs with each mode. Save enough juice to make it home, plug it into a house outlet and you’re ready to go in 6-7 hours. For the long runs, stay in Mode 1 and get a claimed 70 miles of riding.

Brat riders will find plenty of two-wheel fun in the city, even if it’s just going to work and back. But this E-bike is also ready to leave the pavement behind. Equipped with an inverted front fork and monoshock rear end, both adjustable, the chain-drive Brat is built to handle the rougher side of life. Hydraulic disk brakes front and rear take care of stopping. Volcon fit LED lights front and rear to illuminate your ride and keep you visible in traffic.

Smart Bike

The Brat may be bratty, but it’s no dummy. A 4-inch color display keeps the rider informed of total miles, estimated range, trip distance, and a clock. The Volcon app takes over from there. A Bluetooth connection to your smart phone brings up ride modes, charging time, and maps. There’s also a locking storage compartment with a USB charger to keep your phone topped up.

Jordan Davis, CEO of Volcon, said this about the new E-bike, “While our brand was built on the dirt, we have a passion for all things performance and the Brat meets our expectations. We set out to enter the market with not only a high-performance machine, but a bike that had style as well.” Style is in the eye of the beholder, but the Brat’s see-through look, motorcycle-like “tank” (the locking compartment), and abbreviated fenders certainly set it apart.


Where’s My Brat?

There’s only one problem with the Brat so far—it’s not here yet. Volcon set November, 2022 as the date they will begin deliveries. They encourage interested parties to reserve a Brat by signing up on their web site. Reserving one costs nothing. Buying one will set you back $2799.

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