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The Spitzkoppe Climbing Adventure

When I reached the summit of Spitzkoppe mountain in Namibia, I had only been rock climbing for eight months. I couldn’t believe what it took to reach my goal, including the days leading up to it and the months of prep to make sure I was well-equipped. Since my time in the infantry, I’ve been…

Leaning Into A Weakness

For years I’ve been going on adventures where someone else other than myself has provided the route that the group will be using. Rarely have I ever been the one to plan a route as it’s not been a strength of mine and I was happy to pass on that responsibility. When it comes to…

Adventures with Abby to Hogsback

It was two days after Christmas with the temperature in Johannesburg sitting at a boiling 37 degrees. Abby (my American pit bull terrier) and I were desperately looking for some activity or adventure to keep us occupied during the holidays, and I knew that staying in Johannesburg was not going to be an option. We…

Bonafide Moto Adventure to Sani Pass

When we planned this recent adventure we had these crazy ideas and high hopes to summit Sani Pass in the middle of winter with snow all around us. Thankfully that was not the case and somehow we managed to pick the perfect weekend that gave us a nice mix of slightly warm weather in the low lying areas and some very cold moments up at the top of the pass.