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The Principles of Overlanding :: Insights on Exploring the World by Vehicle

Lessons are often learned the hard way, which, in my case, includes screwing up, getting stuck, carjacked, impounded, detained, delayed, and generally mired in the throes of adventure. Even the worst scenarios had a silver lining (maybe not the carjacking) as my awareness grew, and I adjusted my traveling operating system. During my travels, I…

Top Ten Scramblers

Top Ten Modern Classics :: Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

The term modern classic, when used to describe a motorcycle, has quite a loose description. For our purposes, we’ll categorize it as a motorcycle that has been styled to look like it belongs in the 1960s and 1970s while offering the rider modern conveniences and safety features such as ABS, traction control, no carburetor, etc. …

Nissan Z Grand Touring

2023 Nissan Z: Grand Touring an Icon

My first memory of a vehicle was my dad’s Datsun 240Z, childish wonder on eleven as my father adjusted the choke lever and the carbureted straight six roared to life. There are also flashes of the bright orange color and how joyous it felt to be in that moment with the person I admire most….

Ural Gear Up Expedition :: New for 2023

Ural, king of the 2WD sidecar motorcycles, announces their top tier Gear Up Expedition model. The company modestly calls it “a fully equipped, go anywhere, do anything machine that can tackle nearly any situation on or off the road.” The Better Equipped Ural The Expedition comes straight from the factory with everything a rider and…

Grand Touring Bentley

Introducing: Grand Touring on ExPo

Adventure takes many forms, from climbing mountains to crossing continents to the limits of adhesion through a mountain chicane. On Expedition Portal, we have covered all manner of human and vehicular exploration, which now includes the thrill of grand touring. Grand touring originated from the Italian phrase Gran Turismo, which was subsequently abbreviated to the…