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Ineos Launches Arcane Works to Build Bespoke Grenadiers

Ineos Arcane Works

In the world of modern luxury cars, customization is key. For example, Porsche offers a bewildering array of over 200 different configurations on their 911 model, and buyers generally spend over $20,000 on options alone when writing a check for one of those legendary sports cars. Porsche even offers entirely custom color options through its Paint to Sample program—if you’ve got time and deep enough pockets, they’ll paint your P-car any hue you can dream up. It’s all about standing out from the crowd. While a regular Ineos Grenadier is a fairly rare bird itself, Ineos recently announced its own in-house custom studio to build even more uncommon editions of its flagship 4×4: Arcane Works.

The first limited edition Arcane Works Grenadier will bow at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July of this year, and George Ratcliffe, the Commercial Director of Ineos Automotive says, “Arcane Works is intended to create a truly individual 4×4, hand-finished with exclusive materials and personalized touches by specially curated craftsmen. We know this is something our customers have been looking for, and working in small batches means we can give them a genuinely custom-made experience. That’s why we chose the name Arcane, as the vehicles will be so unique as to be rarely spotted in the wild.”

Customers will work closely with Ineos designers and engineers to build their made-to-order Grenadier with an array of unique interior materials, distinctive colorways, exclusive technology features, and even some drivetrain upgrades. Each Arcane Works vehicle will be individually named and assembled at the Ineos production facility in Hambach, Moselle, France. Prices will most certainly reflect buyers’ tastes and ambitions to zig where others zag.


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Image: Ineos

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