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First Ride: Kawasaki Versys X 300

When news of Kawasaki’s Versys X 300 started to circulate, many people thought it was just another also-ran in a growing category of diminutive motorcycles aimed at new or fair weather riders. Others thought it might be the KLR’s replacement, which are big shoes to fill. After spending a few days atop the Versys X…

Revolutionary Ride: In Search of the Real Iran

Iran teems with contradictions. Persian rugs are sold in bazaars next to knock-off American perfumes, chador covered women window shop for miniskirts, and the oppressiveness of the Islamic Republic is countered by the irrepressible optimism of its citizens. A country that’s been isolated by its own policies and years of Western sanctions (only recently lifted),…

Touratech Unveils Enduro Bike Concept Called the R1200GS Rambler

There has been a lot of buzz as of late around new motorcycles and hot concepts. Most of the latter are interesting enough, but none of them are quite as tapped into the adventure vibe as Touratech’s project built around a water-cooled BMW R1200 engine and chassis. It’s a beautiful machine sure to resonate with many a dirt-crazed big…