Makita Launches Cordless Outdoor Adventure Range

The Makita Outdoor Adventure range launches with 16 battery-powered products, including a chain saw, inflator, wet-dry vacuum, lighting, fans, audio equipment, a coffee maker, and more. Duality of use is a huge draw for us, and products that can be used daily on the job site and around the home and can then be repurposed for exploration have a justifiable value and cost. Many of the products in this range have daily use appeal and functionality, and all are powered by the same 18V LXT Lithium-ion 5.0Ah battery packs which run your power tools. Let us have a look at a few of our favorite products from the range, which, according to Makita themselves, will further expand to incorporate new products. The range is available only in an attractive outdoorsy, quasi-military color scheme, which we like!

Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT 9-¼” Oscillating Fan

The Ivory Coast, Florida, and Guatemala all have several things in common: they are beautiful, tropical, hot, and incredibly humid, which can make camping a real chore. One fan can elevate the experience from unbearable to comfortable. This portable cordless fan features reduced wind noise, three selectable speeds, an automatic timer, and up to 16 hours of run time. Essential for summer exploration.

ADCF203Z – $130

Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Cordless/Corded Work Light

With three mode settings and up to 3,000 lumens on the highest setting, the Outdoor Adventure Work Light is ideal for lighting up a large camp area or those late into the night bush repairs. The light offers up to 11 hours of continuous illumination on a single charge. The work light features a water and dust-resistant construction.

ADML811 – $188

Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Cordless Power Source

This compact power source can clip to your belt and provide portable charging power for up to two USB-compatible devices. In our experience, a portable power pack is an excellent resource on those days when you will be using your devices constantly and will not have access to a conventional power source, for instance, when exploring a new city or on an all-day hiking trail (with Bluetooth headphones playing a podcast or music). The whole family will love and compete for these, so get a few.

ADADP05 – $30

Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Tire Inflator

The advantage of this portable inflator is, of course, that it is portable. No longer will you have to stretch an airline to all four corners of the vehicle from a fixed and mounted compressor. With up to 120 psi, the inflator conveniently fills tires on off-road vehicles, bikes, cars, and light trucks. This portable inflator will also be great around camp to inflate mattresses, SUP boards, and the like. We might even be tempted to use it to motivate a stubborn fire.

ADMP180ZX – $100

Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Bluetooth® Radio

Camped with a Brazilian couple on the beach in Baja, we enjoyed their selection of chill music from sunrise until the campfire embers. Loud music in camp is a definite NO, but good music played at a considerate level is a huge YES!

The versatile Bluetooth radio delivers rich stereo sound from two 3.5-inch side-firing speakers. The menu’s controls set FM mono/stereo, clock settings, volume, and snooze. Users out of range of terrestrial radio or who prefer their own playlist can use the auxiliary port for MP3 compatibility or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

ADRM06 – $170

Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Brushless 12-inch Top Handle Chain Saw

A good manual saw is always an excellent tool to carry as you explore the outdoors, especially if you like to harvest and prepare your firewood responsibly. But, let’s face it, a manual saw can sometimes be hard work, and a powered saw is a welcome alternative. Cut perfect logs for the campfire or clear the trail ahead with this robust top-handle chain saw, which has the power of a 22cc gas chain saw without the hassles of gasoline.

ADCU10Z – $239

Two interesting products that will soon be added to the range are a hot water kettle (yes, please!) and a cooler/warmer. We are still waiting for more information on these products but are intrigued to learn more about a cooler that doubles as a warmer.

The above items are for sale at several retailers including on Ace Tools, Acme Tools and

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