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The 2021 Ram TRX Review

So, why are we talking about a 702-horsepower truck for overlanding? Because you can drive everything from a 9-horsepower Citroen 2CV to a 702- horsepower TRX around the world. Eccentricities can and do exist on either end of the spectrum. More importantly, we find it relevant to test a broad spectrum of off-road vehicles to…

Expedition Portal Celebrates 15 Years of Adventure

June 25, 2020 :: Press Release In late June 2005, expeditionportal.com (known as ExPo) went live, serving initially as a community forum, and now as one of the world’s largest online overland resources for the vehicle-based adventure traveler. While the website has grown continually since 2005, growth has accelerated in recent years because of the…