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Hikers Brew Coffee Review: Adventure-ready Coffee for the Trail

hikers brew coffee

I’ve had a lot of backcountry coffee. Some of it is just plain bad, and others are pretty good. Most of the coffee marketed to adventurous folks like me is instant. I don’t mind good instant coffee, but who says every adventure necessitates it? For the times when you have room in your kit for coffee brewing supplies, there’s Hikers Brew.

I recently drank the Hikers Brew Six Pack Sampler over a weekend of camping in Prescott National Forest. This sampler pack contains six Venture Pouches, each containing 36 grams of ground coffee. A venture pouch is enough coffee to brew a French press for two to three AeroPress cups or a single pour-over (plus a little extra).

hikers brew coffee

In the sampler were two different roasts and four flavors of coffee: Mile Marker, a medium roast; Yurt Dirt, a dark roast; Some Mores, s’mores flavored; Red Rocks, caramel flavored; Hazy Hiker, hazelnut flavored; and Van Life, vanilla flavored.

hikers brew coffee

I brewed the Mile Marker first since I prefer a lighter, unflavored roast. This isn’t just coffee that tastes good because you’re far away from everything. This could be served at a high-end coffee shop when brewed in an AeroPress or as a pour-over.

I’m usually not a fan of flavored coffees, but I tried the Some Mores flavor next. What I found was true for all the flavor varieties: it still tasted like coffee, this one with a hint of chocolatey marshmallow. The flavor was slightly stronger than the tasting notes of a particular roast of beans, but it was certainly not as strong as many flavored coffees.

hikers brew coffee

Hikers Brew uses creative naming of their flavors, too. I found “Van Life” for the vanilla coffee to be especially funny. Is Van Life vanilla because of all those white Sprinter vans out there? Or is it poking fun at the ubiquity of those white Sprinter vans? Maybe it’s both.

The Venture pouch package says you can brew using drip, French press, AeroPress, percolate, pour-over, or cowboy. This might be splitting hairs, but the grind is slightly too fine for a French press and maybe too coarse for a pour-over. If you’re concerned about getting the perfect grind for your brewing method, you’re probably buying whole beans and grinding it yourself, though.

Hikers Brew coffee also comes in a “Basecamp” size, which is a 12-ounce bag. These larger bags come either as a whole bean coffee or pre-ground. Also, all of Hikers Brew’s packing is compostable. Bring the bags home to your compost bin when you’re done with them.

hikers brew coffee

If you were worried, I didn’t try all six varieties in one day. I made these last over a long camping weekend, with a view, of course. There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, especially when you’re the only barista for miles.

great campsite view of valley, sunset, and clouds

$27 | hikersbrewcoffee.com

For further details and to buy individual roasts or flavors, visithikersbrewcoffee.com.

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Sam Schild is a writer and outdoor adventurer based in the American West. His first outdoor love was adventure travel by bike. After a 7,000-mile bicycle tour ended at the Pacific Ocean, he confirmed he needed to make the West his home and moved to Colorado over a decade ago. He’s kept the adventures going: bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail and Colorado Trail multiple times; bikepacking countless other bike routes across the Southwest; thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Grand Enchantment Trail; and more. He camps in his converted Honda Element, which serves as a basecamp for the next adventure. And if he’s not out somewhere, he’s scheming where to go next. IG: @Sia_lizard.