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Life Giving Warmth Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket: The Warmth Of A Heating Blanket Without Being Tethered To A Power Cord

Life Giving Warmth Kodiak Heating blanket

Life Giving Warmth was started by Paul and Carolynne LaRue to keep their daughter, Brianna, warm while out on adventures. Brianna has Cerebral Palsy and needs to stay warm because of the poor circulation her disease causes. So out of necessity, Life Giving Warmth was born with the creation of the Cozee, the world’s first-ever battery-powered heating blanket.

Now, Life Giving Warmth has created a rugged battery-powered blanket for those who love the outdoors, the Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket. In anticipation of the season turning, I tested this new offering. Though it’s still summer, I found some colder temperatures at high elevations. It made late-night stargazing sessions cozier and kept me comfortable for hours past bedtime.

The Kodiak Heating Blanket will keep you from retreating to the warmth of your sleeping bag for hours. Once your charge the two included batteries in advance, you can take this blanket anywhere. This heating blanket is ideal for anyone who gets cold easily. It’s also useful for hunters, surfers, or anyone who goes out in extremely cold conditions.

The most striking thing about this heating blanket is how warm it makes you without feeling hot. Many heating blankets provide inconsistent heat, where it’s hot enough to burn your skin in some spots and cold in others. The Kodiak doesn’t do that. This blanket gets uniformly warm, with no areas too hot to touch, even on bare skin. It won’t feel hot if you touch a blanket section with your hand. But when it’s draped over you in a cold environment, it will keep you warm.

The blanket’s interior is a fleece that’s just as soft as your favorite blanket from home. The material feels good wrapped around your shoulders, like you’re getting a hug from a furry friend. The exterior of the blanket is made of durable, water-resistant woven nylon. This material will keep you protected from wind, rain, and snow. There is a small pocket on the blanket’s interior where the power cord comes out, and the pocket keeps the cord safe from an accidental kick.

One of the included batteries has “surge technology,” which is fast charging for a heating blanket. This makes the blanket go from cold to total warming in under five minutes. The main battery with surge technology lasts for 90 minutes if you surge it. The other included battery, which doesn’t have surge technology, more than doubles the total warming time to over 3 hours.

An AC wall plug or DC car charging plug can charge both batteries. Both of these charging cords are included with the Kodiak Blanket. Also included is a shoulder bag for storage that works to carry everything from your vehicle to camp or wherever the sunsets look best.

Here’s to staying warm, no matter the season.

$600 | lifegivingwarmth.com

For further details or to find out about the Cozee Battery Powered Heating Blanket, visitlifegivingwarmth.com.

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