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  • Author: Christian Simon

Children of the Road, A Life of Unconventional Norms

Heidi and Jens, full-time overlanders for 15 years, are the real deal. They’ve crossed rivers in Mongolia, the Canning Stock in Australia, and the salt flats of Bolivia. Jens boasts a Unimog tattoo from a parlor in Shanghai; Heidi cooks Kashmiri curry and speaks five languages. We met in Oaxaca, Mexico, in one of those…

Overlanding in a Language Vacuum

No ticket is more revered in international travel than competency in local languages. Speak Spanish or Hindi or French? You’ll trade jokes with border officials in Tijuana or easily pick your way through Varanasi, India’s holiest and most chaotic of cities. You’ll exchange numbers with the attractive barista at that café in Saint Germain, Paris….