VOTD – Sabotage

Today we’re making an exception.

This video is not about overlanding – although there are some good car driving scenes in it and some crappy motels…it’s an homage to an extremely talented band member who influenced an entire generation.

RIP MCA (Adam Yauch)

Renting a Hilux in South Africa

Possibly one of the biggest misconceptions about overlanding is the idea that you need to save for years, buy your own vehicle, spent tons of time and money outfitting it and then take a year off before you can go out to explore. There are other alternatives and one of them is to buy a plane ticket to South Africa, rent a vehicle and go out explore on your own!

Spotted: FJ62/FZJ80 Mash-up by TLC

Via West County Explorers Club: Jonathan Ward, of TLC and Icon fame, shows off what he calls a “142,” basically an FJ62 on an 80-series chassis. This truck was built through TLC, his Land Cruiser restoration shop in Southern California.

As you can imagine, this was an extensive rebuild. Even the engine was replaced with a GM Vortec unit. They went through the truck inside and out and everything looks to be first class.

Fire: A Traveler’s Friend

I sit here, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, with only the moonlight and muscle memory to guide my fingers while I type, my thoughts fresh in my mind. Fire; it’s amazing and serves many purposes.

The Top 10: Overland Vehicle Kit

Without a doubt the most common question we get at Expedition Portal is: “What do I need to buy to go overlanding, fourwheeling, car camping, etc?” With the assumption that the goal is exploration and not recreational ‘off-roading’ in a group, this is our top ten purchase list, in order of importance.

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