Touring the Swiss Alps in a Defender

I’d venture to say that most of us dream of daring adventures through the world’s most remote regions. Sliding down sand dunes in the Sahara and chopping your way through the jungles of Central America have a certain romance to them after all, but that doesn’t make them great options for a family vacation. For those looking for a more relaxed get away that still satisfies the need for a four-wheel drive adventure, Steed Tours has you covered.

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This most recent video release by Praemio follows David Steed as he pilots his Land Rover Defender through the valleys and vistas of the Swiss Alps. From picnics on grass covered hill sides to stops at local wineries and restaurants, this tour delivers all the local flare and culture to its guests while tossing in a good deal of two track for good measure. Although the trail’s aren’t as rugged or adventurous as tackling the darien, I doubt that there are many roads that could match the beauty of those in the video.

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Despite ample opportunity to try and sell tours, David spends most of his time talking about his love for the region, his inspiration for the tours, and of course his Landy. Following your passion is rarely easy, but it’s clear that he, like many others, thinks it’s worth it. For a taste of this alpine adventure, and a hefty dose of inspiration to go explore, check out the full video below.

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