SEMA Showcase :: ARB Tacoma and Stainless Fridge

Each year, the SEMA show brings some of the most interesting and innovative products for the off-road and overland markets. This year is no different, and the ARB booth was abuzz with people and products. Most important from my perspective is the release of their comprehensive Toyota Tacoma product line, which includes all of the bits we have always wanted from Australia, including fender bars, steps, and a rear bumper. This demonstrates a few things, including the pace at which ARB is willing to innovate and launch products, along with the continued focus on the travel and vehicle-based adventure market.
Here are the new parts!
Front Fender Bars: For 15 years I have wanted access to these ARB fender bars, which serve to protect the front corners from brush, animal strikes, and even glancing blows to rocks and earthen berms. Bent to match the Tacoma lines, it ties into the bull-bar hoops and the side steps.

Snorkel: In years past we waited years or even decades for Safari Snorkels to launch for our favorite truck or SUV, but now they are on a completely different timetable, launching the 2016 Tacoma snorkel within a year of the truck hitting our shores. Larger diameter to feel the V6, it looks great on the Tacoma and ensures you are ready for the overlander wave! 

Side Steps: The side steps are a nice compliment to the bumper and fender guards, while providing a solid step to access the vehicle and roof rack. Their wider profile helps keep rock chips away and controls mud splatter. The aluminum tread plate helps provide good grip and is replaceable. While not intended as full-blown rock sliders, I have found these steps to endure most trail abuse, even rubbing against rocks and earthen berms.
Roof Rack and Fit Kit: ARB is now offering application-specific roof racks and matching fitment kits. The fit kit removes guesswork and follows the contours of the roof line. They are powdercoated grey and include light mounting tabs
To the rack is mounted ARBs brand new LED light bar, a compliment to their Intensity line. Available in a spot pattern, that reduces reflected light off the hood and other accessories.
Recovery Points: If there was ever evidence that ARB is the real-deal, it is these recovery points. Engineered to operate at 1-2x GVWR, these steel, frame mounted attachment points are designed to serve as the primary tow, yank, and winch connection. This product just makes me feel damn proud of ARB. 

Rear Bumper: 
The rear bumper is a full-steel wraparound style with a supporting tube that reinforces the underside of the bumper and serves to stabilize the quarter-panels. The top includes replaceable tread plate panels and finishing plates on the bottom. It reuses the factory hitch.
_DSC0644 _DSC0648
New Stainless Steel Fridge:
Tucked to the side, this fridge/freezer immediately caught my attention. It uses the same Danfoss compressor, but includes more volume, better materials, and all-weather durability. Designed to mount in an open truck bed, the fridge can lock with a button and secondarily with a padlock. The mounting panels use tamper-resistant hardware and the corners are all reinforced. The main side and top panels are made from stamped stainless steel and massive latches close the lid. This fridge is clearly designed to give National Luna a run. . .
_DSC0659 IMG_3810 IMG_3813 IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3817

Scott is the publisher and founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal. His travels by 4WD and adventure motorcycle span all seven continents and include three circumnavigations of the globe. He was the expedition leader for the first American team to cross Antarctica by 4x4.