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Expo East 2018: The Field Report

North Carolina has a reputation for an almost unreal autumn beauty. Its rolling hills backed by rugged mountains come alive with the changing of the seasons, lighting up with the vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges that only a deciduous forest could provide. Yet the weather can be a bit mischievous this time of year, a…

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Expedition Portal and Overland Journal staff would like to take a moment to wish our readers and their loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving, and to say THANK YOU for your continued support of our publications and this community. We’d also like to extend a special thank you to those men and women serving our country…

Thirty-six Hours of Adventure: A Sea of Green

The morning was gray, and the damp Oregon cold soaked through my sweatshirt as my girlfriend and I loaded the last bags into the Land Cruiser. It had taken months of changed timelines and rearranged travel plans to get our hands on this Maltec camper, but it had all finally come together. The plan was…

Overlanding With Purpose

When you first start overlanding, the journey itself is the goal, but we have found that having a purpose behind your travels can enhance the experience even more. Your hobbies reflect who you are, so weaving those passions and interests into your journey will ensure that you enrich your life and take your skills to…

Tips on Keeping your Overland Vehicle safe, low-budget style

What if you want to keep your vehicle burglarproof for an overland journey without spending a fortune on car alarms, GPS tracking devices, and other expensive temptations? After 15 years on the road without a break-in, we’d like to share our tricks with you. Disclaimer: No setup is foolproof, no matter how much money you…

Video of the Week: The Swift Campout

We love four-wheel drives here at Expedition Portal, but occasionally we prefer something a little different. Be it the lapping of waves on a paddle board, the silence of a hike on a misty morning, or the grit of rock beneath our hands while climbing, it’s nice to explore nature in a more personal way….

The Overland Commute: Mauritania

Mauritania has an air of infinite sunburned monotony, the entire country a distant sandy horizon wallowing under a powder-blue sky. Maps of the country only highlight the emptiness, the few landmarks achingly lonely amongst the dunes. Of all the maps.me files I downloaded for the commute, the Mauritanian one measured only 12MB. In contrast, east…

Bonafide Moto Adventure to Sani Pass

When we planned this recent adventure we had these crazy ideas and high hopes to summit Sani Pass in the middle of winter with snow all around us. Thankfully that was not the case and somehow we managed to pick the perfect weekend that gave us a nice mix of slightly warm weather in the low lying areas and some very cold moments up at the top of the pass.