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VOTD: In Asia

Via West County Explorers Club: My friend Greg just sent me a link to this outstanding travel video by Munich-based freelance filmmaker, Vincent Urban and Clemens Krüger. Part 1 of a five-part series, it shows three friends traveling through southeast Asia in a Land Rover Defender 110. There is hardly any narration, hardly any dialogue. Moments of the trip are just strung together like memories. It’s beautifully shot and edited and gets to the heart of why we all travel.

The first three in the series are already on Vimeo. See Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

Thanks for the tip, Greg!

EOP Tire Repair Kit

The Extreme Outback Tire Repair Kit Tire puncture, 2006 Outback Challenge. Photo: Nathan Hindman Tire Repair in the Field Without exception, the most common vehicle failure concerns the tires. They are constantly (or nearly so) in contact with the road or a trail surface, which includes rocks, sticks, and numerous other sharp objects…

AEV 10 Gallon Fuel Tank: ExPo Exclusive

AEV has just announced their new 10.2 gallon fuel tanks and expedition portal has had the first opportunity to see these tanks up close and document their fitment. We are currently on a 500+ mile Arizona Grand Traverse that will be featured on TV and in Overland Journal where we are testing these tanks and…