Overland News of the Week

Forge 15 Hitch-mounted BBQ

Take your barbeque game up a few notches with Hitchfire’s Forge 15. This hitch-mounted gas grill is a solution for cooking outdoors that will get you up and off of the ground. The grill’s 18- by 22-inch cooking surface is large enough to cook for up to 10 people, and the whole grill can be removed for use on a picnic table. The Forge is a great way for vehicle owners with less cargo capacity (hey, Jeep crew) to leave more room for passengers or other equipment. The Forge can be purchased with either a driver or passenger side swing-out.

$549 | Hitchfire


Grom VLine VL2 (For Lexus GX)

Here’s a neat little device that I found thanks to @mykalfakerich on Instagram. This Android Auto infotainment system hardware upgrade works seamlessly with your existing OEM system, allowing users to add navigation and media apps with their Android phones. The VL2 provides voice activation and search functions for navigation and music apps, allows users to play music from a variety of apps available in the Google Play store, and even enables users to add other Google Play apps that were not originally created to work with the Lexus Android Auto interface. You can also control aftermarket front and rear cameras through the infotainment interface (this feature will require additional hardware for installation), pair a Bluetooth keyboard, stream music via Bluetooth with album art, and more.

$660 | Grom Audio


OFLO P Series UHF+LTE Hybrid

Having reliable and effective communication is a crucial part of adventuring off of the beaten path, especially in the event of an unforeseen mechanical or medical emergency. But one of the challenges of overland travel is that we are frequently in and out of cell service, which necessitates additional equipment to maintain communication with our crew and the outside world.

This is where OFLO is aiming to change the game with their P Series UHF/LTE hybrid communication device. This nifty cellphone-meets-ham radio has dual sim card slots for operating on LTE networks, utilizes meshed-UHF frequencies for off-grid communication, has front and rear-facing cameras, can transcribe messages, and can send text via UHF. It uses OFLO’s proprietary walkie-talkie software running on the Android 10 operating system.

$299 | OFLO


The Ridge Smokeless Portable Fire Pit

There is no denying the wonderful ambiance that a campfire can add to your campsite in the evening. But the more we come to terms with the impact our recreational activities have on the environment, the more it becomes apparent that building new fire pits at campsites invites a host of problems. Visitors who are less knowledgeable about Leave No Trace principles may use permanent fire pits to (attempt) to burn their trash instead of carrying it out, and the majority of people who use established fire pits neglect to properly extinguish their fires, potentially leading to catastrophic consequences.

In light of these realities, bringing your own portable fire pit into the woods is a much safer and lower impact way to enjoy the ambiance of a campfire. Blue Sky’s smokeless portable fire pit utilizes the chimney effect to draw air into the fuel through a series of vents, resulting in a hotter, more efficient burn (less smoke and embers, aka, more enjoyable and safer).

$139.99 | Blue Sky Outdoor Living


Tarion Zone

Tarion’s Zone is a modular bag system that can be customized by the user to fit just about any camera equipment securely. Its internal organizer is comprised of a padded, gridded set of stiffened dividers which can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate items of varying size and shape. Need to mix up your kit for a specific project? Just reconfigure the organizer based on your needs.

The modular organizer was designed to work within the Tarion backpack or shoulder bag, but it can just as easily be used in your existing backpack, messenger bag, or duffel.

*Editor’s note: This item is currently being crowd-funded, and Expedition Portal makes no promises as to the manufacturer’s ability to deliver a final product.

$59+ | Tarion


Pelican Multi-use Microfiber Towel & Carry Case

Pelican is well-known for its tough-as-nails travel cases, but they make other gear as well, like this multi-use microfiber towel. But it’s not just for drying off your body. Microfiber towels like this, which can absorb seven times its weight in water, have many more versatile uses, including drying off equipment, wiping down your vehicle’s dash, or soaking in cold water and draping around your shoulders to cool you off on a hot day. It comes with a breathable polymer carrying case and a carabiner for hanging it up when not in use.

$49.99 | Pelican


Shimmy Coffee Sieve

If you think that coffee gadgets are awesome (I’m raising my hand), then you might be intrigued by this new product from Fellow. The Shimmy coffee sieve is a handy little device that lets you further refine your coffee brewing technique by removing microfines from your ground coffee. What are microfines? They are pieces of coffee beans, 200-micrometers or smaller, that can lead to clogged coffee filters and silty sludge in your mug. The Shimmy allows you to easily remove these tiny particles, enhancing extraction consistency for a notable improvement in flavor (says, Fellow).

$49 | Fellow


Midland Noise-cancelling Dustproof Hand-held Microphones

If you have a Midland MXT400 or MXT115 GMRS radio in your rig, take note of these new noise-canceling dustproof handheld microphones. Designed specifically for off-road and agricultural use where dust and moisture can ruin delicate electronics, these handheld microphones are IP66 rated. Built-in automatic noise-canceling (ANC) removes unwanted background noise for clearer, easier-to-understand communications. An LED light indicates if the mic is in ANC mode (blue) or standard mode (white) and glows red while transmitting.

$49.99 | Midland


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