RedArc Tacoma TRD Off-Road build showcases 12-volt power and capability

REDARC Toyota tacoma project vehicle

RedArc has just unveiled the newest truck in their fleet, which also happens to be their first North American vehicle build. The 2021 RedArc Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road build was upfitted for off-highway travel, backcountry camping, and to showcase the full potential of RedArc’s 12-volt power system, and judging by these initial images, it looks like an incredible project.

Featuring a RedArc Manager 30 kit with two dual-battery systems and equipment from Mits Alloy, Alu-Cab, Falken, Icon, Warn, ARB, and others, this is the Tacoma that many have dreams of building.

“The on-board power system in this Tacoma features all of the things RedArc are famous for, rugged, innovative and reliable off-grid gear” says Craig Herriot, General Manager for International Sales at REDARC. “And this system is something our customers and outfitters can easily replicate. RedArc offers power solutions for any build and all the components being modular and compatible means you can start small and build up your vehicle as you need. The products are easy to install and easy to upgrade, and we offer a solution for any kind of rig for any kind of travel and overlanding lifestyle.”


RedArc’s Tacoma Build: The Equipment

Starting with the 12-volt power systems, the RedArc Tacoma is outfitted with two 120-amp-hour lithium-ion batteries in the Mits Alloy flatbed canopy and a second AGM Fullriver Full Throttle battery under the hood. A 25-Amp BCDC battery charger and smart battery isolator manage battery charging via the Tacoma’s alternator, a solar array (if one is installed), and collectively allow jump-starting via auxiliary battery power.

Additionally, a Switch Pro SP-900 panel is wired into the dual-battery system under the vehicle’s hood, delivering power to the Tacoma’s auxiliary equipment which includes a generous array of Rigid lighting. Speaking of lighting, this truck sports a 30-inch light bar on the front grill, LED light pods, a 40-inch SR Pro light bar on the roof rack, and a pillar-mounted 4-inch 360 Series pod.

Inside the cab, a dash-mounted dual battery gauge allows the driver to monitor the state of charge of both starter and auxiliary batteries. A Tow-Pro Elite brake controller sits under the dash on the occasion that the vehicle needs to tow a trailer or small camper.

REDARC Tacoma equipment breakdown

Inside the Mits Alloy canopy, there is a selection of auxiliary systems to make off-highway adventures a little bit more comfortable. These include the dual lithium-ion battery system mentioned above, an ARB Zero refrigerator on a Clearview slide, an ARB dual air compressor system, and a 2,000-watt pure sine wave inverter. All of these electrical components are tied into a Manager30 battery management system with dual RedVision displays (located on either side of the canopy). This allows users to monitor the state of charge of both battery systems and turn auxiliary components on or off from either side of the vehicle or via a Bluetooth connection to the RedVision app on their smartphones.

As far as performance upgrades, RedArc started by installing Falken Wildpeak AT3 265/75R16 tires on the Tacoma’s TRD Off-Road wheels and added an Icon 1.5-inch add-a-leaf kit paired with Daystar rear airbags. Up front, a Warn VR 10-S winch, reinforced Factor 55 fairlead, and shackle mount are paired with a CBI Covert front bumper. A Front Runner roof rack, Alu-Cab gen 3.1 Expedition rooftop tent, and Shadow awning round out this build.

For those of you hoping to get a first-hand look at this project vehicle, RedArc will be showing it at Overland Expo Mountain West, West, East, and finally, at SEMA in Las Vegas.


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