SDi Releases E-CLIK PRO for 2017-2020 Gen 2 Ford Raptor

E-CLIK is SDi’s semi-active shock technology system which allows users to select from multiple terrain modes on the fly for improved vehicle performance, all from the comfort of their truck’s cab. E-CLIK utilizes the OEM Fox live-valve shocks in the Gen 2 Raptor and applies its suspension-specific algorithms to drastically enhance performance. E-CLIK gathers driving data from multiple sensors and an 8-axis IMU which measures 500 data points per second for improved handling and suspension performance that adjusts while you drive.

E-CLIK Pro offers 3 different terrain modes to help drivers in a variety of situations including:

Trail – To prioritize driver comfort, trail mode actively adjusts Raptor’s suspension in varying terrain and performs best at slower speeds.

Street – For maximizing comfort while controlling body roll, street mode prioritizes the “composure” of your Raptor on the pavement.

Desert – For high-speed endeavors, desert mode prioritizes vehicle handling, with quicker suspension adjustments based on driver and terrain input.

Additionally, E-CLIK Pro offers a host of other features including independent tuning for front and rear shocks with 10 tuning levels, rear payload/trailer adjustments, a sleek touch-screen controller, and roll/pitch/throttle/braking/turning sensitivity. E-CLIK Pro is designed and manufactured in the USA.


Learn more: SDi E-CLIK for Gen 2 Ford Raptor.

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