2022 Toyota Tundra Showcases Leafless Rear Suspension

Toyota continues to tease fans with the latest Tundra press release, which offers a first glimpse at the 2022 model’s leafless rear suspension. “Turning over a new leaf” gives the Tundra an exciting five-link coil-spring rear suspension setup that promises class-leading on- and off-road performance.


The current-generation Tundra features a traditional live rear axle with trapezoid multi-leaf springs; not dissimilar to those found on trucks like the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. Alternatively, the new model will adopt coil springs in the rear and continue to incorporate control arms up front, whilst the TRD Pro model offers Fox dampers, a red-painted anti-roll bar, and a TRD skid plate (from the photos it looks like the entire drivetrain integrates some form of protection). This new approach promises better articulation, which should enhance off-road performance (especially when matched with the latest multi-terrain tools), whilst coil springs will undoubtedly improve ride comfort. Toyota hasn’t been clear on whether this leafless rear suspension will be available on the base model or whether it’s exclusive to the TRD Off-Road and Pro variants. Nevertheless, it’s clear Toyota are in pursuit of their competitors, with Ram adopting a similar setup for their 1500 pickups in 2009, and Ford more recently with the F-150 Raptor and F-150 Lightning.

The new Tundra looks to be every bit as exciting as the hype that’s surrounded its release, and the leafless rear suspension is yet another indicator that this truck means business.


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