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Video of the Week: Baja Like Nowhere Else

Have you ever made the long journey down the 1200 kilometer-long Baja Peninsula? It’s a diverse sliver of land, a spectacular setting where the desert meets the ocean and a rich cultural experience awaits. While Baja has historically seen fishing and ranching as major sources of income for its residents, agritourism is expanding, providing more…

Tommy Campervans Adventure truck hero

Tommy Campervans and the Hotshot Adventure Truck

Photos by Justin Wade Orton Tommy Campervans is an Arizona-based campervan and adventure vehicle upfitter. Their skilled crew converts standard cargo vans, but they also upfit decommissioned Hotshot buggies for use as overlanding and adventure rigs. To give you a little more context, Hotshot buggies are crew carriers used by BLM and Forest Service firefighters….

South African Surf: An interview with Frank Solomon and Sacha Specker

Photos by Sacha Specker   Remote sandy tracks, wild temperature swings, howling ocean winds, and great white sharks are just some of the challenges that South African big-wave surfer Frank Solomon and surf photographer Sacha Specker had to overcome while filming their recent Find Anywhere spot with Front Runner Outfitters. Frank is a pro surfer…

Destination: Canyon Hideout Cabin, Cortez Colorado

Photos courtesy Airbnb Located in Southwestern Colorado, in the tiny town of Cortez, the Canyon Hideout Cabin is a private slice of paradise that you can book on Airbnb. This tiny rustic retreat is located on 80 acres of private land and is directly adjacent to Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. You can literally…

van life is overrated youtube still frame

Video of the Week: Van Life is Overrated

Is #vanlife overrated? Jake Frew brings up some great points about living life on the road, be it in a campervan, trailer, or another vehicle like a Subaru hatchback. In my own experience, down-sizing my belongings and moving into a campervan with my partner was a wonderful experience. But just like conventional life, you will…

Overland Journal Podcast Episode 43 : Interview with David Soza

In episode 43 of the Overland Journal podcast, Scott Brady interviews David Soza on the merits of minimalism, along with the essential design considerations for expedition campers. They also take a deep dive into critical Tacoma modifications for strength and durability. David shares his experiences living remote and off the grid, along with lessons learned…

Terranova Expedition Truck Joins the EarthCruiser Ranks

As the demand for purpose-built overland trucks continues to rise, EarthCruiser has answered the call with its new Terranova expedition truck. This cab-over-style composite adventure rig is built on one of three domestic 1-ton chassis including the 2020 or newer Ford F-350, Ram 3500, or Silverado 3500. “The EC Terranova is the culmination of years…

overland news of the week

Overland News of the Week

Osprey Talon Pro 30 The comfort of Osprey’s backpacks is well known amongst outdoor enthusiasts, and their new Talon Pro 30 brings that comfort to the world of ultralight backpacking. A lightweight wire frame and injection-molded framesheet provide support for this 30-liter pack. Osprey lists a recommended maximum payload of 15-25 pounds for comfortable carying….

airstream rental in livingston montana

Six Airstream Rentals Across North America

Six Airstream Rentals Across North America Airstream rentals have become a thing, and while it’s true that renting someone’s travel trailer for your vacation accommodations might have been considered odd a decade ago, now, it’s hip. And honestly, all of the Airstream rentals that I’ve come across online look beautiful. Normally on Fridays, I publish…

scout kenai truck camper

Video of the Week: Scout Campers Kenai Walk-through

The much anticipated Scout Campers Kenai, which has been available for pre-order since fall of 2020, is almost here. It’s the largest camper in Scout’s lineup, ideally suited for full-sized pickup trucks with 6.5-foot (or bigger) beds. Read our previous article featuring the Kenai for more details about this lightweight yet functional slide-in truck camper….

Destination: Ark Shelter Houses at Hotel Bjornson, Slovakia

Photography by boysplaynice, courtesy of Design Boom   Ark Shelter is a collection of architects who are collaborating to “reinvent the way people live their lives.” “In today’s fast world, society has fallen into a continuous loop of pressure and deadlines that forces stress and burn-outs. People are not following their own senses, and become…

overland journal jeep jlu project vehicle

Video of the Week: Overland Journal Jeep Wrangler JLU Project Vehicle

Join Overland Journal’s Brian McVickers as he traverses the lonely Arizona desert landscape, testing the Jeep Wrangler JLU project vehicle which he has been refining since April of 2018. Starting with a basic Wrangler Sport, Brian logged some miles to determine what this vehicle really needed. He then got to work, adding safety and recovery…

Overland Classifieds :: Unicat TC54 on a 2008 International MXT-MV

Editor’s note: This vehicle was sold while I was formatting this article. The Expedition Portal Forum Classified section has a large audience of interested buyers. It’s a great place to list your unique overlanding vehicle for sale.   German expedition vehicle manufacturer Unicat builds large, no-nonsense expedition vehicles that are fit for global travel. Generally,…