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Overland Classifieds :: 2021 Go Fast Campers V2 XL Platform Camper (for Ram 2500, 6.4 foot bed)

Overland Classifieds :: Go Fast Campers V2 XL Platform Camper

If you already own an ’09-present Ram 2500 with a 6.4 foot-long bed and are looking for a canopy camping solution, this Go Fast Campers V2 XL platform camper is currently listed for sale in the Expedition Portal forum. If you are unfamiliar, GFC is a Montana-based canopy and rooftop tent manufacturer making the “most huckable” products on the market. Their V2 XL platform camper weighs approximately 300 pounds, making it one of the lightest (and simplest) truck bed camping systems currently available.


From the Seller:

“[This] brand new, (used once), GFC [camper was] installed on September 24th, 2021. Unit #1802. No issues with the camper, plans have changed and we are going a different direction. Willing to negotiate travel for sale/delivery.”


2021 Go Fast Campers V2 XL Canopy Camper

Unit #1802 is outfitted with double tent doors, a window on the cab side, and 3 crossbars a.k.a. the “beef rack”. It has black cabana panels and the rooftop tent features tangerine-colored fabric. This particular V2 XL will fit an ’09-present Ram 2500 6’4” bed.


Distinguishing Features

One of the lightest canopy camping systems in the overland equipment market, the V2 canopy camper is constructed around a tubular steel frame. It features a rear-opening wedge-style four-season rooftop tent that sets up quickly and latches securely enough to “withstand the rigors of Baja off-road racing”.

However, unlike most canopy/RTT pairings which require you to exit the tent via a ladder to then access your truck’s bed canopy, the Go Fast System has modular tent floor panels which can be moved, allowing the occupants to drop down from the RTT into the canopy, all while remaining protected from the elements.

Additionally, the GFC rooftop tent can support up to 500 pounds of equipment when it is stowed in the closed position. Combined with the secure interior storage space created by the bed canopy, this camping system from GFC provides ample storage and capability for extended overland outings.

This 2021 Go Fast Campers V2 XL canopy camper is listed for $8,000 and is currently located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The seller is open to negotiating on sale price for travel/delivery. Check the full canopy specifications via the original Expedition Portal forum post here.


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