Overland News of the Week

Lavabox Over/Under

The Over/Under is a 304 stainless-steel multi-level stand and cooking surface for your Lavabox firepit. When used as a base, it elevates the Lavabox off of the ground (two height settings) to comply with Forest Service regulations as well as Leave No Trace low-impact campfire principles. But if you fold in the legs and attach it to the top of your Lavabox, it functions as a sturdy pot support or grilling surface for cooking up kabobs, steaks, or anything else on your camping menu.

$45 | Fireanytime.com


DJI Action 2

DJI has released their newest and tiniest action cam yet, the Action 2. At first glance, it looks like an incredible little device that is capable of capturing 4K footage at up to 120 frames/second. This mountable, dustproof, 10-meter waterproof, image-stabilized camera has an aluminum body housing and a magnetic accessory mount to facilitate the quick exchange of additional modules like front-facing screens and extra batteries. DJI also offers a slew of accessories including mounting solutions, tripods, and remote controls to help you further unleash your creativity on the trail.

$399+ | DJI.com


Decked Piecekeeper

New for the Decked truck bed organizer system, Piecekeepers are a firearm carrying accessory that integrates with your existing drawers to securely transport traditional rifles and shotguns. Piecekeepers fit full-sized truck and cargo van drawer systems (as well as the wide drawer system on mid-sized trucks). Because of the wide variety of lengths, grips, and stock configurations on firearms, Decked cannot confirm fitment for any specific firearm. Additionally, magazines may need to be removed to allow your particular firearms to fit in this system and allow the drawers to close properly.

$60 | Decked.com


Terravis Truck Bed Solar Electrical System

I’m not entirely sure of its value to the overland travelers amongst us, but nonetheless, the Terravis solar tonneau cover and power storage solution is an innovative take on generating usable off-grid power while on the go in your pickup truck. This system is comprised of a three- or four-panel solar tonneau cover which ranges in wattage from 405- to 650-watts (depending on the dimensions). There are also tailgate solar panels offered which range from 135- to 155-watts. These panels charge a 1500 watt-hour combination battery pack and inverter to deliver DC or AC power, with up to 4000 watts-AC. As a bonus, the battery module of this system is swappable, allowing you to have a charged backup ready when you need additional power.

$1,999 (subject to change) | GoTerravis.com


Huracan Fabrication Tailgate Storage Solution

Melbourn Australia-based Huracan Fabrication offers this innovative solution for truck tailgates that lets you squeeze in some extra secure storage for small items like recovery gear or tools. The tailgate storage compartment features an automotive carpet-lined interior and lockable lid with gas struts (unknown if it is weatherproof). It should be noted that the installation of this kit is a fairly big commitment. You will need to remove the top liner and tailgate inspection plates before drilling out spot welds, cutting through the inside sheet metal of your tailgate, and removing internal tailgate structural ribbing. However, Huracan reports that after product installation, your tailgate will maintain its original structural integrity.

$375+ | HfabUSA.com


Icon Vehicle Dynamics Ford F250/350 Radius Arms (2005-Up)

Ford F250 and 350 Superduty owners take note; Icon Vehicle Dynamics is now offering upgraded Radius arms for 2005-up vehicles. The fully-boxed design of these laser-cut steel arms, which have CNC-machined bushing housings and a black powder-coated finish, delivers enhanced strength and function for vehicles with 2.5- to 7-inch lifts (the latter in conjunction with Icon’s radius arm drop bracket). The sealed pivot bushings of these radius arms ensure quiet operation and minimal road feedback and their clearance allows for the installation of up to 37-inch tires (with 5.5-inch backspacing) without any worry of the tires contacting the radius arms.

$1575 | Iconvehicledynamics.com


Wolf And Grizzly Spark Fiber

Wolf and Grizzly’s new Spark Fiber water-resistant fire starting material was created to help you get your campfire started quickly and easily. This non-toxic accelerant-free material is ready right out of the tin, with no shredding or preparation needed. Simply grab a pinch and strike your preferred igniter onto it for a slow-burning flame. And should your supply get wet, don’t worry. Simply dry it out and the Spark Fiber will still catch a flame easily. Note: Spark Fiber will not be available until November 8th, 2021.

$13 | Wolfandgrizzly.com


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