Destination: Shipwreck Lodge, Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Namibia’s northern Atlantic Coastline was given the unofficial title of the Skeleton Coast in 1944 due to the whaling industry’s activities which left a surplus of bones littering its sandy shores.

These days, you are less likely to find the bones of whales; however, you will find the skeletons of numerous shipwrecks scattered up and down the coast, victims of frequent fog and off-shore rocks. Their hulls are found poking out of the desert sands, rusting away as the sun and sand slowly wear them down.

But despite (and possibly because of) the treacherous and remote nature of this place, it is a destination that makes it onto many an explorer’s bucket list. So, if Namibia is on your travel agenda and you are considering visiting the Skeleton Coast, do yourself a favor and check out the accommodations offered by the Shipwreck Lodge.


Shipwreck Lodge

Comprised of 10 private chalets, all with ensuite bathrooms and indoor showers, the Shipwreck Lodge is a Green Eco Flower Award recipient. This recognition requires that an establishment shows outstanding results (90 percent +) in a variety of environmentally-focused categories in regard to business operations.

The Shipwreck operates in conjunction with two local travel companies: Journeys Namibia and Natural Selection, and is also partnered with local communities that border Namibia’s Skeleton Coast Park.

Staying at the lodge offers a relaxing and remote experience, with food and drink included, but limited amenities including intermittent internet (don’t count on it), solar power (for charging devices), and wood-burning stoves. But what the lodge lacks in infrastructure, it more than makes up for with its spectacular views in a unique and breathtaking landscape.


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